Mark Roberts

Editor Profile

In 1999 Mark went freelance, working on corporate­­­ projects with director Gary Holder of Tangerine films for clients such as Jaguar, Rover, Ford and a music video for John Digweed.  He then began working in television on promos for Discovery Channel,  Channel 5, Showtime, and NBC Universal from which one of his promos was nominated for a PROMAX award. He also worked on pre-production animatics with creatives at McCann Erikson advertising agency as well as off and online editing programs for BBC Top Gear, TalkBack Thames, MTV and Ricochet. By this stage he had gained a very broad experience of post-production and had become proficient in online FX and color grading.

A relocation to Brighton in 2005 saw the start of a series of action sports documentaries for clients such

as Oakley, Nike, Burton, Billabong and Red Bull. These projects led to mobile editing on planes, trains and automobiles, filming and co-directing on location in various corners of the planet, from fishing cabins in the Arctic Circle, volcanoes in Hokkaido to the North shore of Hawaii as well as continuing to work on short form projects in London.

Over the last decade he also been composing and producing music for film, television and personal projects. This strong musical as well as visual background has been a big asset to him in a profession that relies heavily upon those skills. These skill sets have made Mark a very sought after editor.

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