Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job – Series 2

Voltage TV for BBC One

Editors: Sam Frost & Steve Flatt

Amanda and Alan team up again as the world’s most unlikely fixer-uppers. Once again they bagged a one euro bargain house, this time a derelict 17th century building with a watchtower in an idyllic spot of northern Tuscany: Fornovolasco. Part renovation show, part travelogue, the series serves as a sunny slice of January escapism but the real draw is the hosts friendship which never fails to make the audience laugh and keeps them coming back episode after episode.

Sam Frost and Steve Flatt both worked on the new series, Sam cut episode 3 in which the team tackle Alan’s bedroom while Steve cut episode 7 which covers the biggest job: the watchtower!

Follow their DIY adventures every Friday at 8:30pm on BBC One. Hardhats mandatory!