Life After Life

VFX Producer: Evren Olgun-Knight

VFX Artist: Lem Lawrence

Life After Life BBC Drama- Ever get the feeling that life is repeating itself, what if you had the chance to live it all again? In the BBC adaptation of Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life Ursula Todd gets to relive her life countless times.

Lem Lawrence worked for several months with a team of VFX Artists/compositors on this most ambitious project and had an incredible experience working with such a talented team at Jam on this amusing, emotional and at times traumatic drama.

Lem said there were some quite tough shots to work on, particularly making a snow scene when the shoot was in the middle of summer!

Life After Life is now airing on BBC 2 and iplayer.

Rich and Shameless: Ep 3 Where did NBA Star Brian Williams Go?

Editor: Phil Bowman

Raw for HBO Max and TNT

18th May

Where Did NBA Star Brian Williams Go? Tells the story of NBA star Bison Dele, formerly Brian Williams, who had it all–but threw in the towel for a nomadic life under the stars before mysteriously vanishing on a boat in the South Pacific. When police peel back the layers of Williams’ life, they discover a fatal mix of money and jealousy that leads right back to his own family.

Phil Bowman who edited Ep 3 said: “I had a great time working with my old pal Sebastian Smith on this one. We decided to scrap the recon budget in favour of animation and it has bought a really interesting and dynamic flavour to the show. Well done to Tom Lindley and the team at RAW for a great series. Thanks for having me”

Ep 3 Where did NBA Star Brian Williams Go? Will premiere 18th May TNT


Shine TV for Channel 4


Will Adams: Lead Assembly Editor

Matthew Henley: Assembly Editor

Following a pause due to the pandemic, a brand new series is on its’s way!

The real-life thriller sees ordinary people go on the run from a team of expert hunters made up of ex-military, law enforcement and security forces. If the fugitives can evade capture for long enough they could win a share of the £100,000 prize money.

Will Adams who was the Lead Assembly Editor said “working on Hunted with a large group and a constantly evolving story was a challenge but the team was a pleasure to work with. They we’re all dedicated and delivered a great show”.

Hunted will begin its sixth series on Sunday, 22 May at 9PM on Channel 4. The new series will continue on Monday, 23 May

BAFTA Television 2022: The Winners

A big congratulations to Ella Newton and Andrew Watters who’s programmes they edited have won the prestigious award!

Well done to Andrew Watters who edited the latest series of The Chase which won the Daytime award! After working on the show for many years, Andrew is a dab hand and even boasts to knowing the answer to every question…

Presented by Bradley Walsh. Potato/ITV

Ella edited The Missing Children which won in the Specialist Factual category.  This Feature-length documentary is about the scandal of Ireland’s Missing Children. At the Tuam mother and baby home in Ireland, 796 children, born to unwed mothers have disappeared. Following relatives, survivors and adoptees to uncover the truth about what happened behind the closed doors of Ireland’s most notorious mother and baby home. True Vision, Nevision/ITV
The Missing Children is available to watch on ITV Hub here.

Congratulations! Well done to all the BAFTA award winners. A full list can be seen here.

Rebuilding Notre-Dame: The Next Chapter

Windfall Films

BBC Two 8pm BBC Thursday 28th April

Editor: Hass Azzoug

Three years after the devastating fire, Lucy Worsley has exclusive access to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris at a key turning point of the restoration. Work to rebuild and restore the monument is being ramped up in a bid to meet the ambitious deadline to reopen it to the public in 2024.

Visiting Notre-Dame aged 16 inspired Lucy to work with historical buildings; this is a once-in-a-career opportunity to witness the rebirth of an icon close to her heart. Scaffolding now fills the interior of the cathedral, giving Lucy and the team unprecedented close-up access to every inch of the structure. Lucy meets scientists, historians and craftspeople working to return the 850-year-old Gothic masterpiece to its former glory.

Hass who edited this new documentary, as well as Windfall Films’ first look at the rebuild in“Rebuilding Notre Dame: Inside the Great Cathedral Rescue” commented “ Yet again another fantastic Architectural project. Good to see and discover the medieval technologies used in the initial building of the cathedral. Great team to work with and Windfall are a great crew to work for”.

Watch Rebuilding Notre-Dame: The Next Chapter 8pm BBC Thursday 28th April.

Make or Break

Box to Box Films for Apple TV

Editors: Franco Bogino, Charlie Webb, Jayesh Lathia with edit support from Matthew Henley

Make or Break offers behind-the-scenes access and intimate deep dive into the aspirations, challenges, accomplishments and personal lives of the surfers who compete to remain on the elite 2021 Men’s and Women’s WSL CT, and takes viewers on a journey to stunning surfing locations across the globe. The series follows the 2021 competition, navigating as the league responds to the global pandemic, while exploring the dynamic surfing culture along with timely issues, including diversity, mental health and the physical impact of the sport.

We caught up with Franco who said “It was particularly enjoyable cutting all the high energy surfing sequences, it was fun editing. There were a lot of cameras and sound feeds, so it would take a bit of time to unpick all of that. There was also a lot of stuff shot, so it would take a long time to go through it to find the good bits of actuality and character stuff to cut the non action sequences. But there was a big team of assistants there to help us with that, and there was a good schedule, so it was all doable. I used to surf, so for me it was a real treat to work on”.

Charlie commented “ Really enjoyed working for Box to Box on this challenging but very rewarding series. Each episode is gripping  and you get some great insights from the best surfers in the world”.

Jayesh said Make or Break was an amazing sports series to work. I didn’t know much about surfing before working on the series but it was a great learning curve! Our goal in the edit was to first and foremost tell a human story about each of the competitors and weave this with the incredible mental and physical challenges they faced on the surf. It was a really enjoyable experience and hopefully Make or Break will introduce surfing to a wider global audience.
I worked on the women’s episode, featuring world champion Stephanie Gilmore. The story of Stephanie’s long term and ground breaking success was cut against new and younger women who were ready to take the world championship crown. The two approaches to surfing, old school elegance vs new aggressive power, gave this episode a unique narrative angle.

Make or Break is set to premiere on Friday 29th April on Apple TV

Watch the trailer HERE.

Holidaying with Jane McDonald

Sunday 24th April 9pm Channel 5

Viacom Studios UK

Editors: Aidan Sansom, Glenn Furmanski and Will Adams

The lovely Jane McDonald goes on a road trip through the American state, beginning by picking up her car in Orlando and heading off for a self-kayaking excursion at Rock Springs in Kelly Park. She also heads to Walt Disney World Resort with her old pal Sara-Lee and her friend Alice, before finishing her trip by swimming with manatees in Crystal River in Citrus County.

Aidan said “A great team have been working tirelessly to deliver the show, of which I’ve enjoyed being a part. Editing Jane McDonald is a bit of a joy, as she’s always got a solid soundbyte up her sleeve, along with her irrepressible Wakefield charm”.

Glenn edited the Florida Keys episode and said it was a great team to work with and the episode is stunning.

Will said I’ve really enjoyed working on the Miami episode of Jane McDonald. It’s been a fast turnaround but the team have been great and the footage of Miami has been lovely to work with…. Miami Nice!”

I think we will all be booking our holidays after this one!

The series starts this Sunday 24th April 9pm.

Idris Elba’s Fight School

Workerbee for BBC Two

Editors: Abraham Teweldebrhan and Steven Struthers

17th April BBC2 9PM

Can boxing turn around the lives of a group of young adults? The world-renowned actor, musician and activist Idris Elba takes on eight young Brits, each with unique challenging, personal stories and one thing in common: they want to better their future. In this life-changing and highly personal project, Idris wants this intensive course of boxing training to help arm his recruits with discipline, ambition and mental resilience, enabling them to acquire new life skills – and ultimately change their lives.

Will they be able to compete in an official amateur fight at one of the world’s most iconic boxing venues, after just 5 months of training?

Editor Steven Struthers told us that “ Working on Idris Elba’s Fight School was a great opportunity. To work on this extraordinary story, that faced delays due to pandemic restrictions and see it through to the end has been challenging and rewarding.  As an editor being able to attend the final day of shooting, the fight night at York Hall was an experience in itself,  and to bring that journey alive was a privilege”.

Abraham worked across the series on Ep 1, 2 and 3 and his first episode set the tone and style for the series. He really enjoyed the project and has been showing off with pictures of him and Idris together!  He felt lucky that he could work on a series that was so rich in themes such as relationships, mental health and knife crime. He particularly enjoyed cutting an emotional scene which shows Idris opening up about losing his dad which in turn helped a young man then open up abut his own trauma.  Ab’s said “Idris is a really nice guy, he was totally invested in the wellbeing of the young people and it was a great series to work on that ended up being about so much more then boxing”.

Episode one will air Sunday 17th April 9pm on BBC2.

Freeze the Fear With Wim Hof

Hungry Bear Media for BBC One

Editor: Tim Fielding

9pm on Tuesdays

BBC One - Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof

To Freeze or not to Freeze, that is the question.

Extreme Athlete and well-being coach Wim Hof has made a name for himself by accomplishing incredible feats of endurance that earned him the nickname ‘The Iceman’.

In this brand new series produced by Hungry Bear Media and presented by Wim Hof superfan Holly Willoughby and comedian Lee Mack, eight soul-searching celebrities have chose to take on jaw-dropping challenges in sub-zero temperatures under his guidance.

They will test their bodies and minds under intense conditions to reap the rewards of cold-water therapy and demonstrating the vast potential of the human mind. This series is like nothing seen before and promises genuine reality, high drama, jeopardy, and plenty of laughs along the way.

Tim Fielding was part of the team of editors who brought this series to life, cutting heart-warming but bone chilling stories throughout the show. He said “Freeeze The Fear was a show I’d been looking forward to for a long time. As someone obsessed by the outdoors, I was looking forward to getting my hands on the footage from the Italian mountains and it did not disappoint. The director Josh Jacob’s did a superb job and we had lots of toys to play with like FPV drone, loads of timelapse & a Phantom 1000fps camera, which made the challenges in iced water look superb.”

Watch it every Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One or catch up on iPlayer

Watch the trailer here



Editor:  Graham Taylor

Directed by Sam Collins
Executive Producers: Keith Haviland & Mark Stewart

Western Edge Pictures for the BBC Two

The Gazza documentary has been bubbling away as an idea since 2014 when editor Graham Taylor and director Sampson Collins first discussed the possibility of the film.

Over the next five years Graham and Sam began to find the shape for an archive film as more pieces of the puzzle fell into place and then with the BBC coming on board to provide the best possible outlet for the film, lending their journalistic integrity to the project. With pressure on public figures more intense than ever, Graham and Sam shaped the narrative into a commentary on today’s culture as much as on a previous era. What emerged is a cautionary tale of the curse of fame and the commodification of people’s lives into entertainment, or for personal gain, regardless of the consequences.

We spoke to Graham who said “editing the film was key to actually understanding the story, as the more we weaved the stories together, the more we found out what film we were making. Taking on the life of an icon is always tough, and people will bring their own expectations to the story. But in the end you have to chose what story you want to tell, and what the life of your subject tells you about the world we live in. The resulting film is bold and subversive, yet warm and nostalgic, asks more questions than it answers and was a dream project for a documentary film editor.”

Gazza airs at 9pm on Wednesday 13th April 2022 on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

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BAFTA: Nominations Announced

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Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby

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