Director: Sam Collins

Exec Producers: David Gardner, Kerstin Emhoff, Nicola Howson & Scott Melvin

Ventureland, Studio 99 and Buzz16 for Amazon Prime

Lead Editor: Graham Taylor

This compelling documentary tells the remarkable story of Manchester United’s unprecedented triumph in 1999, when the team made football history by clinching the Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League titles.

Spanning over three captivating parts, the film features in-depth interviews with the key figures who were instrumental in this legendary achievement, including the iconic manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Fans will hear firsthand accounts from star players such as Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, and David Beckham.

The documentary unveils untold stories from within the team, shedding light on dressing room conflicts, personal struggles, and pivotal moments that defined the season. Viewers will also be treated to never-before-seen archive footage and candid behind-the-scenes videos from the club and its devoted fans.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Manchester United’s historic Treble win, making this documentary a must-watch for all football enthusiasts!

Lead editor Graham Taylor attended the premiere in Manchester’s Printworks and brushed shoulders with Davd Beckham, Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole (he had to pretend he likes football)!  On working on this project, GT said “ It was quite an intimidating prospect to re-assess one of the great sporting achievements of the 90’s, but with Ventureland producing and working again with Sampson Collins, we were able to cut through the cliches and get to the essence of what made that season and that team so great. Working alongside Sam from pre-production right through gave me the opportunity to shape multiple narrative and thematic arcs across the series and individual episodes. Entirely shaped in the edit suite, with an unprecedented depth of research and material, comprehensive original interviews, and with sound design, music and VFX given due prominence and attention, 99 was a dream to work on from start to finish”.

99 Premieres tomorrow: Friday 17th May on Amazon Prime

The Face Doctors

Exec Producer: Anoushka Roberts

Ben Burgess – 2 Episodes

Dermot O’Brien – Episodes 3 & 8

Dragonfly Film & Television for Really and Discovery+

The Face Doctors: Dragonfly Film & Television

Ben Burgess and Dermot O’Brien were two of the editors on the team for this new medical documentary series that follows the incredible work of a group of world-leading NHS doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Each week this new series will follow the journeys of patients whose lives have been changed as a result of flesh-eating infections, challenging genetic conditions, and life-changing traumas. The procedures aren’t just about fixing broken bodies, but restoring identities, mending confidence, and helping patients and families rebuild their lives. The series covers touching moments as patients see their new reflections, and as families share their joy.

We caught up with Ben Burgess who worked on two episodes. He said “I really enjoyed working on Face Doctors. It was a fascinating (and somewhat disturbing) subject. It was amazing to see how brilliant the facial surgeons and prosthetists of Addenbrookes Hospital at Cambridge University are, and how much they can transform people’s lives for the better. It’s tricky trying to make an entertaining watch out of something gruesome and harrowing. But we got there in the end”.

Dermot O’Brien also shared his experience working on the show. “This was a challenging but rewarding project to work on. In the edit we had to get the right balance between the patients’ backstories and emotional journeys, and the technical aspects of complex surgical procedures – as told by the doctors – which often required crunching down up to 10 hours of surgery into 7 or 8 minutes of screen time. As this is a new series the edit teams and producers worked hard to get the style, tone and pace right for the channel. Ultimately the rewarding side was in getting to showcase the amazing life-changing work that the surgeons and prosthetics team at Addenbrookes Hospital do”.

The Face Doctors starts this Wednesday 15th May 9pm on Really and streaming on Discovery+

Buying London

Naked Entertainment for Netflix

Executive Producer: Paul Broadbent.

Editors: Gruff Lovgreen and Simon Holmes

Premiere’s 22nd May 2024

Buying London/Netflix

Billed as Britain’s own version of Netflix’s hit show Selling Sunset, Buying London is a Netflix series following estate agent boss Daniel Daggers and his uber-competitive team.

Enter the world of opulent real estate where the series delves into the inner workings of one of the city’s premier luxury estate agencies. Join Daniel Daggers, the formidable leader of DDRE Global, and his driven team as they navigate the competitive landscape, striving to broker deals for London’s most extravagant properties. The series transports viewers from the affluent streets of Mayfair to the prestigious pockets of Holland Park in West London.

We caught up with Gruff who edited across several episodes, he told us we can expect lots of drama in the series and it will definitely satisfy fans of shows like Selling Sunset. We look forward to watching this one!

Buying London Premiere’s 22nd May 2024

Miriam Death of a Reality Star

Editor: Charlie Hawryliw

Exec Producer: Colin Barr.

Expectation for Channel 4

Monday 29th April on Channel 4

Miriam: Death of a Reality Star is a hard-hitting documentary about Miriam Rivera, recognised as the world’s first transgender reality TV star. The documentary series chronicles the Mexican model’s groundbreaking life and extraordinary legacy.

Using Miriam’s own voice and words throughout, the series will restore Miriam as the star of her own story: a trans trailblazer who remains an icon for many in the transgender community Drawing on rich archive and with exclusive access to Miriam’s family and close friends from the trans community, each episode will take the audience into the colourful worlds she inhabited.

Miriam starred in There’s Something About Miriam,  one of the most controversial reality shows of the early noughties.  Set in a luxury Ibiza Villa, six men went head-to-head to win the heart of Miriam, the stunning supermodel from Mexico. It was only at the end of the final episode that Miriam revealed to the boys: “I was born as a man”. What followed was years of negative media attention and transphobic abuse, the outrage was targeted at a 21-year-old Miriam, rather than the TV executives who’d put her in that position. Fifteen years later Miriam was tragically found dead in her mother’s apartment in an apparent, (though disputed), suicide.

Charlie Hawryliw edited all three episodes of the series which airs tonight 9pm on Channel 4.

For The Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond

Exec Producers: Ceri Aston and Elen Moore
Simon Bennett ( Episodes 2 and 5)
Harry Anstey ( Pre-titles)

For The Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond: ITV

Alison Hammond follows in the footsteps of the late Paul O’Grady as she heads behind the scenes at Battersea Dogs Home. With the number of abandoned and stray dogs at an all-time high, it’s an increasingly important task.

In Episode 2 which Simon Bennett edited, Hammond meets a lurcher who was found tied up in a graveyard and now needs emergency surgery. An anxious French bulldog is struggling to breathe, while an extremely matted bichon frisé desperately requires a haircut! Simon said, “Alison Hammond has done an amazing job and she’s so genuine and funny, Paul o Grady would be proud”.

For the Love of Dogs with Alison Hammond continues Tuesday 8pm on ITV

Hold the Front Page: Series 2

Editors: Connor Snedecor and Joe Swanson

Series Producer: Mus Mustafa

CPL Productions for Sky Max

Hold the Front Page: CPL Productions

Nish and Josh are back for another round of adventures across the UK. They once again hop from one local newspaper job to another, immersing themselves in different communities. They are on the hunt for real-life tales that’ll make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. They’re on a mission to find best local stories, ones so good they’ll land right on the front page. In this series they concentrate on delving into local mysteries, taking part in unusual events, covering the burning issues of the day and they enlist a celebrity or two to help them out along the way.

Connor said “It was a lot of fun, it was kind of a dream team of people I’ve worked with before so things clicked pretty well. They needed to as we only had a few weeks between two editors to do the final episode. It felt like long odds, but with the right elements in place, and we did it”.

Hold The Front Page will air on 24th April on Sky Max.

Kate & The King: A Special Relationship

Mentorn for Channel 5

Senior Producer Director:  Stuart Strickson

Editors: Hass Azzoug and Kel McKeown

Saturday 6th April

The nation has been deeply touched by the recent devastating news of King Charles’s and the Princess of Wales’s health struggles. However, amidst this concern, theirs is the blossoming relationship between Charles and Kate. This documentary celebrates the special bond that has grown between the royal pair, from their shared passions to their courageous battle against cancer. In this program, those with intimate knowledge of the palace and its workings unveil the private and personal tale of the remarkable bond between the King and his ‘beloved daughter-in-law’.

Editor Hass Azzoug who worked on the documentary said “Wow! What a tight deadline on “Kate & The King” that was a speed of light turnaround. The workflow was efficient and well-organized, thanks to SP Stuart Strickson. We began working on Saturday and successfully sent the film for online and dubbing by Wednesday night. It was a challenging project that required hard work, but it also brought a sense of excitement. The work hours were manageable until the final day when we faced constant changes from the archive finance, lawyers, executives, and commissioner… That day, we worked a solid 14 hours to meet the deadline. It was an experience and a half“.

Kel McKeown who worked on this one and who also recently cut the fast turnaround Channel 5 Wonka documentary expressed “This was a real buzz working on something with such a quick turnaround again – very similar to the Wonka documentary and a lot of the same people on the team. The team of people was great and we worked really well together to get it over the line in such a short amount of time. I also learnt more about working with archive specifically how to keep costs down and keep the lawyers happy! Also cancer is something that has really affected my life having lost loved ones so that was the main level I connected to it on – not being the biggest royal expert (although I am a bit more educated on that now too!)”.

Kate and The King: A Special Relationship airs this Saturday 6th April on Channel 5.

Paul O’Grady’s Great Elephant Adventure

Olga TV for ITV

Editor: Helena Vagnolini

Paul O Grady’s Great Elephant Adventure ITV

This two-part series accompanies the late Paul O’Grady on a journey through Thailand and Laos, honouring the efforts of elephant conservation centre’s dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and safeguarding these magnificent yet vulnerable creatures. During his travels, Paul ventures beyond the sanctuaries to immerse himself in the vibrant local culture, exploring colourful markets, temples and indulging in the diverse local cuisine.

Helena Vagnolini who worked on both episodes said “It was an absolute pleasure to work on this show, beautiful locations, fun travel,  and a really good insight into elephant welfare. Paul’s love for these animals is evident and he brought so much warmth and humour to sometimes difficult subjects. Perhaps from many years of working in live TV, Paul never liked to redo a take or re ask a question, which required some problem solving in the edit, but we were never short of great material from all the 2 legged and 4 legged contributors”.

This is a truly special documentary, airing Sunday 31st March on ITV.

BAFTA Television Craft Awards: Nominations 2024

Photo: BAFTA.

We’re bursting with excitement and pride here at Satusfaction as some familiar faces have worked their magic on shows that are making waves in the 2024 BAFTA Craft nominations!

Let’s dive right into the lineup:

Celebrity Race Across the World ( Studio Lambert / BBC One) has been nominated in the Entertainment Category.
Simon Holmes

Portrait Artist of the Year ( Storyvault Films / Sky Arts) has been nominated in the Factual Entertainment Category.
Desiree Ivegbuna

Lockerbie (Mindhouse Productions / Sky Documentaries) has been nominated in the Factual Series Category.
Charlie Hawryliw
Paul Holland

Banged Up Shine TV / Channel 4 has been nominated in the Reality category.
Sean Schmolz

Married at First Sight UK (CPL Productions / E4) has been nominated in the Reality category.
Ian Smith
Mike Kerr

Squid Game: The Challenge (Studio Lambert, The Garden / Netflix) has also been nominated in the Reality category.
Tim Fielding
Gruff Lovgreen

Charlie Hawryliw has been nominated in the Editing: Factual Category for his work on Lockerbie – Mindhouse Films / Sky Documentaries, as well as Charlie Webb as part of the editing team on Formula 1: Drive To Survive – Box to Box Films / Netflix.

A big round of applause from us to the talented editors! Whether it’s editing the heart-racing moments of Celebrity Race Across the World or the poignant stories of Lockerbie, our editors have left their mark on these shows in the best possible way. Let’s not forget the addictive guilty pleasures like Banged Up and Married at First Sight, the editors on these brought the drama and the tears, with their skilful cuts and storytelling powers. And who can ignore the global phenomenon that is Squid Game? With its mind-bending challenges, the editors played a crucial role in creating the excitement that has captivated audiences worldwide.

After a tough year, we’re more than ready to celebrate the incredible talent and hard work that have brought us these amazing shows. Here’s to the power of great editing, incredible stories, and the talented folks who make it all happen. Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees.

The BAFTA TV Awards 2024 will be broadcast on BBC One and iPlayer on Sunday 12th May.

Satusfaction Proudly Announces Sponsorship of the 2024 Grierson Awards

Exciting news! The 2024 Grierson Awards are now open for entries and hold onto your popcorn, Satusfaction, are absolutely thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with the legendary 2024 Grierson Awards as a proud sponsor!

For all you documentary buffs out there, you know the Grierson Awards are THE place to be, celebrating the best and brightest in the world of documentary filmmaking. We’re very happy to be cheering on the incredible talent and jaw-dropping stories that make documentaries so captivating.

The Satusfaction team couldn’t be more thrilled to be back supporting the Grierson Awards in 2024.  Satusfaction MD Satu says, “Documentary films have a magical power to tell stories, challenge preconceived notions, and create meaningful conversations.  We are always happy to see so many films either nominated or winning that our editors have been part of.”

For more information about the awards and how to apply Head over to The Grierson website

Sunderland Til I Die: Series 3

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The Traitors USA Series 2

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Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife

Nutopia for Netflix Premieres: 29th November Editor: Franco Bogino Director: Ben Steele This documentary series explores the rise and then dramatic downfall of the ‘superstar surgeon’ Paolo Macchiarini. In 2011, Macchiarini was heralded for revolutionizing transplant medicine with his groundbreaking alternative to organ donation , plastic windpipes that seemed… Read More

Robbie Williams

RSA Films for Netflix Exec Producer: Asif Kapadia & Dominic Crossley-Holland Dir. Joe Pearlman Editor: Jamie Williams Eps 1 & 2 Released 8th November Netflix are calling this this four-part documentary series raw, honest and real. This biopic docuseries looks at British pop superstar, Robbie Williams.  One of… Read More

Who Killed Jill Dando?

Empress Films for Netflix Director: Marcus Plowright Executive Producer: Emma Cooper Editor: Abraham Teweldebrhan In 1999 BBC presenter Jill Dando was sadly shot dead outside her home in west London, her murder led to a high profile and complex investigation. A suspect, Barry George was convicted and imprisoned for… Read More

AP Dhillon: First of a Kind

Passion Pictures for Amazon Prime Exec Producer: Amy Foster Series Director: Jay Ahmed, Editor: Sarjit Bains Premieres 18th August This four part fly on the wall docuseries delves into the life of Amritpal Singh Dhillon, the self-made superstar known globally as AP Dhillon. He is known for his tracks… Read More