The Big Flower Fight


Editor: Tom Savage

The Big Flower Fight is an 8-part series hosted by comedians Vic Reeves and Natasia Demetriou that sees “ten creative teams square off in a larger-than-life contest to create huge flower installations.”

Every episode will test a different set of skills and feature a unique challenge – the teams are tasked with building a larger-than-life sculpture, competing to design and build the biggest, most outlandish and beautiful works of art possible from flowers and other natural materials and staving off elimination for one more week.

Editor Tom Savage cut episode 2 of the show and said: ‘it’s definitely given me inspiration to get busy in the garden with all my free time not working in lockdown. I’ve always wanted a 12ft floral monster crawling out of a hole in the ground!’

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The Age of Loneliness

Wellpark Productions

Editor: Nick Follows

Director: Sue Bourne

Award Winning director Sue Bourne travels the length and breadth of the country to find people brave enough to admit how lonely they are. And go on camera and talk about how loneliness affects their lives. From Isobel the 19 year old student, through Ben the divorcee and Jaye the 40 year old singleton, to Olive the 100 year old who says she lives on lonely street, this film will strike a chord with many people.

The Age of Loneliness is now available on Amazon Prime.

All On The Line

Raw TV for Discovery Channel

Editors: Simon Holmes and Charlie Webb

All On The Line follows two boat crews in Gloucester, Massachusetts, who work through the winter to catch the valuable North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.The “monster” fish can weigh more than 1,000 pounds, with prices reaching as high as US$20,000 for a single catch. With tight quotas to prevent overfishing and encourage sustainability, fishermen must reel in the biggest tuna as fast as possible — but each boat is allowed one catch per day, and must reel the fish in by hand.

Editor Simon Holmes cut Episode 1 and Charlie Webb did 10 days on the series too. Simon said “I love the challenge and creative possibilities of working on a new series. Cutting Ep1 of All On The Line was both an education and a joy. My hat however goes off to the two film crews who got their sea legs whilst shooting for 16hrs a day!

The series premieres Friday 22nd May on Discovery Channel.

Remote Working

Here at Satusfaction, we are still  open as usual.  The wonderful editors we represent are getting used to ‘the new normal’ of working from home at the moment.  Whether it’s alongside kids, cats, dogs and a rabbit and whether is a full set-up in an office or a perch next to the washing, our editors are cracking on and keeping going!

Hopefully things will be changing soon but in the meantime, for any questions, please contact the bookings team. .

Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip

North One for GOLD


Roy Williams

Andreas Torner

David Greathead

A family reunion is on the cards for Royle Family fans – with Jim and Antony coming together for a brand new six part show.

Actors Ricky Tomlinson and Ralf Little will be swapping the sofa for a campervan as they head off on a very special road trip around the north of England for cable channel Gold. The twosome will bring their usual comedy stylings as they travel, where they’ll share memories, entertain each other and along the way discover just what sets the north apart from the rest of the UK.

Roy Williams edited Episode 6, Manchester and Liverpool. This was great for Roy with Liverpool being his home town.

David Greathead cut the Lake District episode. He said “It was a pleasure to edit, the two of them still have an on screen spark even out of character, but with little dalliances into their old parts, brought the program to another level.  Also being shot in the lakes it looked beautiful especially with some dramatic drone footage”.

Andreas Torner worked on the North Yorkshire Episode.

Episode one starts tonight and see’s Ricky and Ralf setting out from Ricky’s home city of Liverpool as they embark on the first leg of the trip, heading to some Lancashire hotspots.

Tonight 8pm on GOLD.

Isolation Stories: Behind The Scenes

Thursday 7th May 11pm ITV

Editor: Matt Scragg

Isolation: Behind the Scenes

Four short films all made and transmitted during the Coronavirus crisis. But how was it done, with nobody from the crew having any contact with the cast? Isolation Stories: Behind The Scenes shows the process of the programme-making in more detail, but, in essence, the actors (and sometimes their families) filmed themselves, and the directors watched the footage on mobile phones and gave advice remotely.

Matt Scragg who edited the documentary said ‘I’ve spent 12 straight days pulling 12hour plus days to turn around a half hour documentary. On the first Saturday I actually spent several hours just watching live as they filmed at Eddie Marsan’s house and since then it’s been me, the director, a couple of assistant editors and an edit producer all liaising via zoom to find footage in the hours and hours of zoom recordings from the cast’s own homes (Sheridan Smith, Robert Glennister, Eddie Marsan, Angela Griffin and Darren Boyd) – as well as tons of stuff from the crew’s homes too and then trying to turn it all into a show. Hard work but very rewarding because I think what we’ve pulled of in 12 days is incredible’. We agree Matt, what an achievement!

The series has had some amazing reviews and we can’t wait to watch the documentary to see how they were made despite us all being in lockdown. Well done to Matt and the team.

Editor Matt Scragg working on Isolation Stories: Behind the Scenes

Britain’s Got Talent

Editor: Tim Fielding

Thames for ITV

Saturdays 8pm ITV

Britain’s favourite talent show, Britain’s Got Talent is back with another series!  The people of Britain are showcasing their talent ranging from mundane to the most extraordinary to compete to win the title.

The auditions were filmed earlier this year and an ITV spokesman said The Britain’s Got Talent audition shows will broadcast on ITV in the next few weeks, due to the recent circumstances the live finals will be broadcast  later in the year.

Tim Fielding is currently editing at home, he said  ‘I was very sceptical about working remotely but I have to say, bar a few teething problems to begin with, it has worked incredibly well. We’ve managed to cut the shows pretty much as we would in our Soho edit. I’m in touch with my producer on video calls throughout the day and he views all cuts remotely. The only down side is not having access to The Farm’s excellent biscuit selection!’

Britain’s Got Talent is on every Saturday 8pm ITV and you can catch up here.

Covid 19- We are Open as Usual

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A vast majority of our editors already have a remote set up at home, they are well used to setting up systems and communicating well with clients when working separately.  Other editors are more than happy working from home if kit can be provided.

For the edits that are still happening on site, you can be assured  that our editors are adhering to all safety/government guidelines during this time. The wellbeing of our editors and clients is extremely important to us.

We hope that all of our clients are doing well and staying safe,

Love, the Satusfaction team x

Rebuilding Notre Dame: Inside the Great Cathedral Rescue

Editors: Hass Azzoug, Sarjit Bains

The blaze broke out in the 850-year-old cathedral’s medieval roof on April 15 last year, causing the 295ft spire to collapse through its stone-vaulted ceiling. President Emmanuel Macron to pledged that Notre Dame would be back up and running within an ambitious deadline of five years.

Edited by Hass Azzoug and Sarjit Bains, this documentary follows the efforts to rebuild the world-famous Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris a year on from the devastating fire. Chief architect Philippe Villeneuve urgently needs a complete picture of the damage sustained during the fire, so he initiates an unprecedented collaboration between architects and scientists. Their mission is to meticulously analyse the fallen timber, stone and fractured glass, to develop a decontamination and restoration plan. This unique opportunity offers a new insight into the medieval materials, techniques and people who built Notre Dame.

Wednesday 15th April  9pm BBC Four

ENDURANCE : The Documentary about Porsche at the Two Toughest GT Races in the World.

Editor- Mark Pickles

Director- James Routh

Hochkant Film Available on Amazon Prime and Youtube

The 24 Hours of Le Mans on 15/16 June 2019 and the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife just one week later put drivers, engineers and team managers under stresses seldom experienced in such a concentrated form.

With spectacular images, the new Porsche documentary Endurance outlines the background, challenges and tireless efforts of the Porsche team. Every high and low of this monumental challenge is documented.

The wonderful Mark Pickles edited the documentary and here is what he had to say about his experience on the project:

24hr Endurance racing is honestly madness! I quickly developed a serious respect for these guys. Their world has some of the most fanatical followers of any sport, and the challenge of the film was to make something which satisfied the most hardcore of fans, whilst entertaining and appealing to a broader audience at the same time. The sport is incredibly intense with a lot happening on and off the track, and we wanted to transport the audience into this high stakes environment, in the most authentic way.

From the point of view of the edit, feature length projects are a passion. The indulgence of 90mins is especially fun to work on. Due to the nature of the 24 hour footage, we had the privilege of copious amounts of footage and audio to work with. It was incredible to have such camera coverage, and of such beautifully shot footage. James (the Director) has a huge amount of experience in this high octane environment and really knew what he was looking for. Working with him was a real pleasure. He was very trusting in my approach and we formed a really rewarding partnership.

Working with an international team was also a memorable and enjoyable collaborative experience, and I was thrilled to lead the edit.

ENDURANCE  is available here on Youtube  or on Amazon Prime.

Phil Spencer’s Stately Homes

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