Al Murray: Why Do the Brits Win Every War?

Avalon for Sky History

20th October 2021 at 9pm

Editor: Aidan Sansom

Win £1,000 thanks to Al Murray: Why Do The Brits Win Every War on SKY  History? | Win - Planet Rock

New 6-part series produced by Avalon UK for Sky History in which Al Murray delves into British history, specifically whether the British psyche is helped or hindered by their experiences in war. In each episode Al will focus on Britain’s relations with one of their famous one-time ally or adversary and will be joined by a celebrity or comedian from the chosen country to find out how our neighbours feel about the way we constantly reminisce about the glory days.

Aidan Sansom worked on episode 1 in which Al is joined by Fred Siriex to look at the Napoleonic Wars, and episode 5 exploring the Viking invasion with John Thompson. He commented: ‘It’s a fun, entertaining series, mixing myth-busting history with light-hearted comedy moments. Al Murray is a treat to edit, thoughtful and witty, and has a great rapport with his famous guests. I had a wonderful producer, Sallie Clement, who made sure to bring out the best in the show.’

About turn and quick march down memory lane with the first episode at 9pm on Sky History TONIGHT!

Question Team

Interstellar for Dave/UKTV

Editor: Gavin Ames

Starting Tuesday 12 October at 10pm

Question Team - Dave Panel Show - British Comedy Guide

Ready your buzzer and leave your expectations at the door! Comedian Richard Ayoade hosts his first comedy panel show for UKTV but breaks the rules of the traditional quiz show by outsourcing the responsibility of coming up with questions to his guests. Each comedian is asked to bring a unique round of questions inspired by their own interests. Anything goes, the only rule is that each question should have a proper answer.

Gavin Ames edited 4 of the 8 episodes including episode 1 showcasing Bob Mortimer’s DIY, Thanyia Moore’s parachuting prowess and Kerry Godliman’s camping skills. Airing tonight at 10pm on Dave Channel. Don’t miss it!

Murder Island

STV for All 4

Premieres 5th October 2021

Editor: Jennifer Hampson

Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust on Twitter: "Less than 2 weeks until Gigha  appears on your screens… Murder Island airs Tuesday 5th October at 9.30pm  on Channel 4 😀 @Channel4 @STVStudios @Beathhigh

Welcome to Murder Island! This new reality competition show takes the shape of a classic murder mystery event in which eight contestants  in pairs become amateur detectives for a week whilst trying to solve the case of Charly Hendricks’ murder.

Written by successful mystery novelist Ian Rankin, the scenario will start with the contestants finding the body of Charly Hendricks at a rundown property she had been renting from the local landlord and must find forensic clues to work out exactly who she is. The civilian ‘detectives’ will have police resources at their disposal — pathologists, forensic scientists, psychologists, etc…

Throughout the week, the contestants will be watched by senior investigating officers, who’ll be offering their expert advice and picking out potential errors they’ve made. Whichever pair manages to solve the murder and arrest the culprit first will win a prize of £50,000.

Our very own Jen Hampson edited episode 3 and was second editor on episode 4 airing Tuesday 19th and 26th October respectively. Find the clues, solve the mystery on Murder Island every Tuesday on All 4 from 5th October at 9:15pm.

Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia

Nutopia for Netflix

24th September 2021

Editor: Franco Bogino


Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia tells the dramatic true story of two leaders at the heart of Sicily’s anti-mafia crusade: journalist and TV host Pino Maniaci, who spent more than two decades fighting organized crime on his local TV station, and Court of Palermo Judge Silvana Saguto, Italy’s most powerful anti-mafia judge, both accused of committing the very crimes they’ve battled against.  Their paths crossed in 2013 when Maniaci’s investigations into corruption in the judiciary led him to accuse Saguto and others of stealing money seized from mafia-related businesses. Saguto responded by claiming that Maniaci was a mafia mouthpiece trying to tarnish her reputation.

Franco Bogino worked on the docuseries, with access to Maniaci and Saguto, their families and legal teams, alongside access to Sicily’s criminal courts and the use of unseen archive, following both trials to determine the truth and concludes with the verdicts in both cases.

Stream the riveting story on Netflix from 24th September.

Jamie Oliver: Together

Jamie Oliver Productions for Channel 4

14th September 2021

Editor: Gwyn Moxham, episodes 3 & 6

Together: Memorable Meals Made Easy eBook : Oliver, Jamie:  Kindle Store

Jamie Oliver is back with a new series for Channel 4 to showcase the recipes in his new book – Jamie Oliver: Together. To make up for 18 months of lockdown and missed family milestones, Jamie returns with a bunch of new recipes for celebratory feasts to share with your loved ones. From his country kitchen and with the help of his son Buddy, the chef will also share hacks, tips and tricks to set the scene and create the perfect ambience for guests.

Gwyn Moxham edited episodes 3 and 6 of the series and comments: ‘it’s all great food and fun times! The show looks beautiful with a lovely energy.’

Episode 1 will be airing on All 4 tonight at 8pm, catch the rest of the series every Monday at 8pm on Channel 4. We look forward to trying out some new recipes, just hope we don’t get too hungry whilst watching it!

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing

Hidden Light for Youtube Originals

9th September

Editor: Joe Swanson

Patricia Bright Sets YouTube Original With the Clintons' HiddenLight -  Variety

Youtube star and influencer Patricia Bright returns to the platform that launched her career to present a new four-part original series ‘If I Could Tell You Just One Thing’.

Based on the bestselling book of the same name, the series features Patricia in conversation with some of the world’s most renowned and powerful women about the stories and experiences that have shaped their own lives. As a self-made lifestyle and career/financial guru, Bright is emblematic of the women she interviews, highlighting the inspirational advice and unique perspectives that motivated them to reach their success.

Produced by Hidden Light, the production company recently launched by Hillary Clinton, Sam Branson and Chelsea Clinton, Youtube Originals commissioned the show after the success of the 2019 US pilot episode presented by Priyanka Chopra and brings it over to the UK.

Joe Swanson, editor on the series said: ‘So many interesting contributors, beautifully shot by an incredible team, I can’t wait for the series to launch.’ We can safely say Joe thoroughly enjoyed working on this one!

Exclusively on Youtube on September 9th

Watch the trailer here:

Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League

Storyfilms for BBC Two
Mondays 9pm. Episode one tonight – 6th September
Editor: Duncan Hill
Series Producer: Adam Hopkins, Execs: David Nath, Peter Beard

This is the story of how football’s Premier League was formed, told by its stars. What began in 1992 as a controversial breakaway has become the most watched sporting competition in the world.

Duncan Hill (an Aston Villa fan) edited episodes 1 & 4 and Bahader Mattu has been working with the archive across the series.

Once Duncan had stopped crying about loosing Grealish, I asked him how he found the edit; “A lot of time and effort was spent in straddling that line between purpose and entertainment but most importantly, making sure a playfulness could flourish with the use of music and archive. It was a great team at story films to work with and I really enjoyed the experience.”

Can’t wait to watch the series!

Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop

Ricochet for BBC Two

Wednesday 18th August at 9pm

Editors: Belle Borgeaud and Hugo Fowler

Jay Blades is hoping to charm viewers with a new series about making  masterpieces for local heroes - 247 News Around The World

Jay Blades opens the doors to his brand-new workshop in Bradford in this new series for BBC Two.

In each episode, three of Britain’s finest furniture makers and experts craftspeople – Ciaran, Isabelle and Saf – will be given the task to team up with six woodworkers from the surrounding area to handmake a bespoke piece of furniture for local community heroes nominated by members of the public from across Yorkshire.

Whilst Jay will be collecting information about each local hero to find out what’s special about them and why their local community wants to thank them in this unique way for going above and beyond, the workshop team will be learning from the experts they’re working alongside. Each has a personal reason to be there, and the series explores their lives whilst following how they go about making these items and learning on the job.

Belle Borgeaud cut one episode and commented: ‘It was a great team to work with and a really nice show to make. Feel good telly – and all for the most deserving people – exactly what we all need at the moment!’
Hugo Fowler, an adept of the Repair Shop, confided that ‘After working on 2 episodes, I’m pretty sure I could throw together a walnut and mahogany table, in my mind at least.’

Enter the workshop and watch the craft at 9pm on Wednesday 18th August on BBC Two.

Children of 9/11: Our Story

Arrow Media for PBS, Channel 4 and Arte France

16th August 2021 at 9pm

Editor: Teddy Bekele

Generation 9/11 | Arrow International Media

“Generation 9/11” is an intimate film driven by the stories and personalities of its protagonists, six young people who were born in the wake of a global tragedy which, for them, was also deeply personal as it marks the day they lost their fathers before they ever got to meet them. Marking the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, this film also tells the story of an entire generation shaped by the attacks and their aftermath.

Following the lives of this unique group of teenagers, the film will document what happened to them and their families in the 20 years following the assaults. Whilst the film weaves together shared chapters of the lives of these children – their first day of school; the first time the absence of their father was felt; the moment they learned how their father died – it also serves as a lens to look at the broader world and the effects the tragedy had globally.

Teddy Bekele worked on finishing the series directed by award-winning filmmaker Liz Mermin and produced by Arrow Media for PBS, Channel 4 and Arte France.

Find out more tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune

Premiere Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Raw TV for Discovery

Editors: Steven Struthers & Tom Savage

Friday, July 30: It's Won in Winter: 'Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune' Series  Premiere

Soaring gold prices pitting miners against miners over the frozen winter months!

This next chapter in Discovery’s winning franchise features fan favourites Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Dave Turin, Fred Lewis, and Dustin Hurt doing what they do best – digging for gold. In this off season spin-off, miners will face life-threatening conditions and below-freezing temperatures as they work to purchase the right land in the face of rising gold prices.

See lots of heavy machinery break into the frozen tundra while “King of the Klondike” Beets talks about how he needs to step up his prospecting game, while Turin tries to stay a step ahead of the competition after spending lots of time resurrecting old mines. Hurt, aka “Dare Devil Miner,” has his own cross to bear: he needs to make sure his camp wasn’t destroyed by recent landslides.

Steven Struthers (Episode 5) and Tom Savage (Episode 8), both Gold Rush afficionados for many years, return to edit this new series with excitement to find out how the miners will make it through the mining off season!

Watch the first episode at 9pm tonight on Discovery!