Arrow Pictures for Sky Documentaries

1st December 2021 at 9pm

Editor: Teddy Bekele

Positive: Coming to Sky Documentaries and NOW on World AIDS Day, Wednesday  1st December at 9pm | Sky Group

Sky Original 3-part docu-series featuring  intimate testimony from some of the earliest HIV patients and real-life heroes to tell the tragedies and triumphs of Britain’s 40-year battle with HIV.  

Positive tracks the recent social history of our country, from a nation mired in prejudice, intolerance and homophobia to a society that’s increasingly accepting of individuals’ sexual and gender choices. Through Positive, audiences will witness the making of modern Britain.

Across the three-episode run, the series takes us from the first recorded UK case in 1981 right through to the present day where prevention methods such as PrEP, and treatment methods leading to an undetectable status, are widely available and accessible to all, helping to create a world with less stigma and fewer new HIV cases.

Teddy Bekele worked on Episode 3 of the series produced by Arrow Pictures for Sky. Watch it on Sky Documentaries at 9pm on World AIDS Day.

Royal Bastards: Rise of the Tudors – Episode 2

Produced by 72 Films for Sky History

Monday 29th November at 9pm

Editor: Nick Follows

Royal Bastards: Rise of the Tudors | Sky HISTORY TV Channel

Set during one of the most turbulent periods in medieval Britain, this 3-part docudrama series tells the story of the Wars of the Roses, charting the origins of the Tudor dynasty through a unique lens – the women who shaped the course of English history, specifically Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother to England’s first Tudor monarch.

Nick Follows cut episode 2 which traverses the second period of the Wars of the Roses (roughly 1468-1471) concluding with Edward IV once again safe on the throne – while Margaret Beaufort’s son, Henry Tudor, is driven into exile. Nick really enjoyed melding the drama and documentary styles to tell the story of England’s greatest dynasty.

Delve into History and pick a side at 9pm on Sky History.

Dispatches: Escape From the Taliban

Quicksilver Media for Channel 4

Saturday 27th November

Editor: Dave Richards

First-hand footage of the Taliban capture of Kabul and the subsequent flight of refugees shot by a team of local journalists working for Dispatches filming in the Afghan capital. In the following days, they follow some of the terrified Afghans trying to escape to a new life abroad. Among them is Zoya Faizi, a noted female rights activist. They also gather striking footage of Anas Haqqani, one of the senior figures of the Al Qaeda-backed Haqqani network, visiting Bagram prison, where, until recently, he was held while facing a death sentence.

Dave Richards edited this for Quicksilver Media, alongside Prod/Dir Sue Turton. Watch it at 6:30pm on Channel 4, Saturday 27th November.

Queen of Speed

Produced by Drum Studios for Sky Documentaries

Directed by Barbie MacLaurin

Editor: Graham Taylor

Michèle Mouton winks in a race helmet

Queen of Speed tells the incredible story of one woman’s battle to rise to the top of the male-dominated world of rallying in the 70s and 80s. Trailblazer, record holder and multiple winner, Michèle Mouton drove her way to success as a woman in an overwhelmingly masculine environment.

From the roads of Monte Carlo to the dirt races in Africa as well as in America/USA, Michèle Mouton defied the odds as she broke her way into the world of motorsport at a time when rallying was at its fastest and most dangerous. She made history as the first and only woman to win rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship and the last woman to compete in top-level rallying, cementing her reputation as one of the greatest motorsport drivers of all time and earning her nickname of Queen of Speed.

Edited by Graham Taylor, directed by Barbie MacLaurin (The Abused, The Drug Trial) and produced by Drum Studios, Queen of Speed is driven by compelling interviews with Michèle, her co-driver, her family, her teammates and her rivals. Featuring spectacular footage of some of the most dangerous races on earth, as well as previously unseen cinematic archive shot by an embedded cameraman who captured the behind-the-scenes politics and pressures facing Michèle, this film takes viewers on a white-knuckle ride through this exciting time in sporting history.

Graham really enjoyed the challenge of delving into multiple sources of archive and some great interviews to weave together a story that resonates with our contemporary world, and reappraises the life and times of someone whose achievements have been largely overlooked. He was pleased to be given the time and space to do Michele and Fabrizia’s story justice with fantastic support from the channel and producers.

Available on Sky Documentaries at 9pm, Friday 26th November.

Zara McDermott: Uncovering Rape Culture

Produced by Summer Films for BBC One

Director: Angela Byrne

Editor: Creda Wilson

In this timely documentary, the former Love Island star, Zara McDermott investigates sexism and ‘rape culture’ in British schools and on social media. She uses her own experience of sexual assault at school to start a conversation with young women and girls about their experience of rape culture, revealing how it left her with many unanswered questions.

Speaking to her friends, it quickly became clear that they all had their own stories, and many believe the problem starts at school. Exploring both state and private schools, Zara speaks to pupils to understand first-hand how these toxic behaviours happen.

Zara also meets young women who have been assaulted or raped by pupils at their school, finding out what action was taken by their schools while their cases were underway and asks what needs to change.

Creda Wilson edited this new instalment in the series alongside director Angela Byrne, as part of Summer Films ‘Zara Uncovers’ series for the BBC.

Find out more on Wednesday 24th November on BBC One at 10:35pm.

The ISIS Beatles: Blood On Their Hands

Produced by ITN for ITV

Monday 22nd November at 11:05pm

Editor: Aidan Sansom

Bethan Haines confronts El Shafee Elsheikh, the alleged member of the Isis ' Beatles' suspected of killing her father | Scotland | The Times

In this hard-hitting current affairs documentary, ITV’s global security editor Rohit Kachroo meets with Bethany Haines, Marsha and Carl Mueller, and Diane Foley, the families of the people who were killed on camera by members of a British Islamic State terror cell dubbed the Beatles and hears of their fight to bring the murderers to justice. Spanish hostage and survivor Marc Marginedas also provides first-hand testimony of life in the Syrian prison where he was held alongside many of those who later died.

After the group’s ringleader, Mohammed Emwazi, known as “Jihadi John”, was killed in a US airstrike in 2015, Aine Davis was  sentenced to seven years in prison in 2017, the two remaining members of the terrorist group were stripped of their UK citizenships and extradited to the US to stand trial. While El Shafee Elsheikh is still awaiting trial and claiming his innocence, Alexanda Amon Kotey pleaded guilty and, as part of his plea deal to be returned to the UK to serve the rest of his sentence, agreed to meet with the families of his victims.

Aidan Sansom was editor on this project and comments “It’s a haunting look at the human cost of ISIS’ campaign of terror at its high watermark, spending time with the families of those who were executed. It was a pleasure to work with director Chris Hackett for the third time. He’s an expert hand at the tiller and, depressingly, 10 years younger than me.”

Watch it tonight on ITV at 11:05pm.

Worzel Gummidge’s Guy Forks

Leopard Pictures, Lola Entertainment and Treasure Pictures for BBC One

Airing 6th November 2021 at 5:45pm

VFX Artist: Lem Lawrence working for Jam VFX

First episode in series 3. Produced in collaboration with Leopard pictures, Lola Entertainment and Treasure Pictures for BBC One and iPlayer.

Director Mackenzie Crook reunites with Toby Jones to bring us his critically acclaimed adaptation of Worzel Gummidge inspired by the classic books by Barbara Euphan Todd.

It’s the build-up to bonfire night and a new face has arrived in Scatterbrook. Worzel’s cousin, Guy Forks, has taken his rightful place at the top of the bonfire, but an argument between the old friends leads to a competition to prove who can do the other’s job better. With The Bonfire Night Committee distracted, Guy convinces Worzel to swap places, but it soon becomes clear that Worzel has bitten off more than he can chew. With Worzel stuck on top of the bonfire, John and Susan turn to Aunt Sally for help, but can they find a way to rescue Worzel before time runs out?

Lem Lawrence who helped create the Visual Effects for the series commented, ‘Worzel Gummidge has been a lovely show to work on with the talented guys at Jam VFX. It’s a show for the times we have been living in, as its just a lovely feel-good drama, just what we all need right now.

We have been busy creating invisible FX to help the magic of the show move along seamlessly, and give Mackenzie Crook’s Worzel a hand to get out of the many scrapes he gets into on his adventures.’

This episode is all ready for Bonfire Night so settle in front of the fire and enjoy! We can’t wait!

6th November at 5:45pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

Catching Killers

Raw for Netflix

Release Date: 4th November 2021

Editor: Phil Bowman

Executive Producer: Tom Keeling

Catching Killers – Review | Netflix True Crime Series | Heaven of Horror

Netflix brings us a new true crime documentary series but this time, rather than focusing on the victims or perpetrators of those crimes, Catching Killers puts the spotlight on the investigators and prosecutors behind infamous serial killer cases and the effects this has on them psychologically.

Featuring interviews and archive footage revealing harrowing, chilling details of their extraordinary efforts throughout the investigations all the way up to apprehending and incarcerating the culprits, the series will tell two murder stories in each episode.

Phil Bowman edited Episode 7, the first of a 2-parter titled the ‘Happy Face Killers’, he commented: “It was great fun crafting this two-parter with Alex Emslie and Alisdair Bayne. Lets hope that’s all the killers caught now!”

The series will be streaming on Netflix from 4th November. Watch the trailer here.

Al Murray: Why Do the Brits Win Every War?

Avalon for Sky History

20th October 2021 at 9pm

Editor: Aidan Sansom

Win £1,000 thanks to Al Murray: Why Do The Brits Win Every War on SKY  History? | Win - Planet Rock

New 6-part series produced by Avalon UK for Sky History in which Al Murray delves into British history, specifically whether the British psyche is helped or hindered by their experiences in war. In each episode Al will focus on Britain’s relations with one of their famous one-time ally or adversary and will be joined by a celebrity or comedian from the chosen country to find out how our neighbours feel about the way we constantly reminisce about the glory days.

Aidan Sansom worked on episode 1 in which Al is joined by Fred Siriex to look at the Napoleonic Wars, and episode 5 exploring the Viking invasion with John Thompson. He commented: ‘It’s a fun, entertaining series, mixing myth-busting history with light-hearted comedy moments. Al Murray is a treat to edit, thoughtful and witty, and has a great rapport with his famous guests. I had a wonderful producer, Sallie Clement, who made sure to bring out the best in the show.’

About turn and quick march down memory lane with the first episode at 9pm on Sky History TONIGHT!

Question Team

Interstellar for Dave/UKTV

Editor: Gavin Ames

Starting Tuesday 12 October at 10pm

Question Team - Dave Panel Show - British Comedy Guide

Ready your buzzer and leave your expectations at the door! Comedian Richard Ayoade hosts his first comedy panel show for UKTV but breaks the rules of the traditional quiz show by outsourcing the responsibility of coming up with questions to his guests. Each comedian is asked to bring a unique round of questions inspired by their own interests. Anything goes, the only rule is that each question should have a proper answer.

Gavin Ames edited 4 of the 8 episodes including episode 1 showcasing Bob Mortimer’s DIY, Thanyia Moore’s parachuting prowess and Kerry Godliman’s camping skills. Airing tonight at 10pm on Dave Channel. Don’t miss it!