Gold Rush White Water: Series 7

Raw TV for Discovery

Editors: Mike Kerr – Ep 10

Simon Bennett – Ep 5

Simon MacKenzie – Ep 7

Premieres Friday 8th March on Discovery

Gold Rush White Water is back and this season is an emotional one! Building on the events of the previous series where Dustin Hurt bought his father Dakota’s mining equipment, the stakes are higher than ever. Dustin has streamlined his crew and has crafted a new plan for Nugget Creek.

Dustin bids a poignant farewell to his father Fred Hurt who sadly died in July 2023. Known affectionately as “Dakota Fred,” the iconic miner left a lasting impact on fans with his appearances on Gold Rush and subsequent shows, including the inception of White Water in 2018.

This series is filled with adrenaline-fueled mining adventures and poignant reflections on legacy and loss.

Simon Bennett who edited episode 5 said “it was so refreshing having 11 weeks for an episode so we could really get the best out of the material, find gold nuggets and have time to polish and craft it, and I was very proud to make such an important episode in white water gold rush history, RIP Fred”.

It was Simon Mackenzie‘s first time working on Gold Rush and cut a particularly complex but also exciting and entertaining episode, that had some key information as well as some great actuality scenes, e.g. a storm threatening to destroy the season and Dustin free climbing up the side of the cliff without a safety harness. “It will hopefully have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Gold Rush White Water Series 7 Premieres Friday 8th March on Discovery.

Inside the Force: Series 3

Offline Editors: Ben Burges, Fred Ziecker and Mitch Bannon

Online Editor: Jim Dale

Exec Producer: Tayte Simpson

Mentorn Media for Channel 5

Photo Credit: Inside the Force

Fly-on-the-wall series that follows the daily challenges of Lincolnshire’s busiest police station, West Parade. This series goes behind the station doors, from the custody suite and the overstretched response officers to the force control room and the investigation teams.

Offline editors Ben Burgess, Fred Ziecker and Mitch Bannon will soon be able to open their own 999 service with the amount of in depth knowledge they’ve accumulated over years of cutting blue light but no two programmes are the same and each project brings a new facet into view.

We chatted to Ben Burgess who edited two of the episodes. He said “It has been an enjoyable series to work on in many ways. It’s fun to create excitement and tension, showing police hunting and dealing with often dangerous criminals. But, with my eps covering subjects such as domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse, it can also be quite disturbing. My RX8 ep was particularly interesting because it’s about an attempted murder case – the stabbing of a 15 year-old girl by a stalker – which as you can imagine is especially disturbing, But, having the consent of the family in that case and being able to explore the investigation in some depth, it feels like it’s a positive thing to put the story on screen, potentially alerting people to the dangers of social media”.

All the while, online editor Jim Dale is also familiar with police programmes and knows better than most how to put the blue in blue light. Although it was his first time working on Inside the Force he soon captured the tone and signature look of the show.

Inside the Force starts tonight 9pm on Channel 5

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens

BBC2 8pm

Editor: Helena Vagnolini

Exec Producer: Alexandra Henderson

AHA Productions for BBC Two

23rd Feb 2023

Photo Credit BBC

This brand-new series see’s Monty Don embark on a captivating journey across Spain to explore it’s most intriguing gardens, community projects, and parks delving deep into the essence of the country.  He spent 7 weeks visiting over 40 gardens and his travels span from ancient imperial palaces to innovative modern gardens crafted by a new generation of Spanish designers.

Helena Vagnolini who edited Episode 2 and was the co-editor or Episode 3 said  “It’s a really beautifully shot series, it was fascinating to see such vastly different gardens all over Spain, with ever changing landscapes and climates.   A pleasure to work on, even better when your producer speaks Spanish! I hope it will be enjoyed by old and new Monty Don fans”.  Helena is now working on the next Monty Don series.

Episode 1 will be on Friday 23rd February 8pm BBC2 


Series 2: Surviving a Dubai Drugs Bust

Blast Films for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer

Editor: Chris Scurfield

A docudrama detailing the real-life case of three friends in Dubai being arrested for drug possession and the issues they had to deal with.

In 2012, Karl Williams, Grant Cameron, and Suneet Jeerh found themselves in trouble for possessing a quantity of synthetic cannabis, commonly referred to as spice. They claimed they were given electric shocks and had guns held to their heads during a seven-month period when they were held without trial.

Following their sentencing to four years in prison in April 2013, a ray of hope emerged with a pardon granted under a Ramadan amnesty merely three months later. This compelling docu-drama combines gripping dramatic reconstructions of their ordeal with insightful interviews with Williams himself.

Chris Scurfield was the co- editor of all 5 episodes of this series, working on it for a total of 7 months. This was a dream job for Chris, he loved working on the series and especially enjoyed cutting the playful and visually ambitious drama sequences.

High: Surviving a Dubai Drugs Bust is available now on BBC iPlayer

World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Exec Producers: Harry Lansdown and Natalie Wilkinson

Renegade Pictures for UKTV / Dave


Andreas Torner: Series 4 Ep1 ‘Albania’ and Series 5  Ep 8 ‘Bulgaria’

Melanie Golden: Series 5. Ep 3 ’Sri Lanka’ and Ep 7 ’Bhutan’

Ian David Smith. Finishing Editor. Series 5

Photo credit: Dave and UKTV Play

A fresh team of daring comedy stars and celebrities gear up to take on even more challenging adventures as they set off on extraordinary road trips through some of the most stunning and isolated regions on the planet. Never before have a group of individuals been less equipped to deal with everything these genuinely terrifying roads throw at them!

Andreas has worked on a couple of series now and he said “It’s a great format – part travel show, part comedy and it’s a lot fun to work on”.

Melanie edited the Bhutan and Sri Lanka episodes with comedian duos Maddix and Larry Dean venturing into Bhutan and Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamara embarking on a journey through Sri Lanka. Melanie enjoyed working on the series commenting; “The World’s Most Dangerous Roads – what a ride 🙂 2 comedians/celebrities in a car, filmed all day in epic landscapes, doing crazy things and trying to stay on the road, being funny, witty, scared and sharing some insights into themselves. Editors dream. Biggest challenge on this show – the amount of amazing content that we have to get through, and deciding what will finally make it into the edit, having to finding the balance between the epic journey, the culture of the country, the funny moments ( and there are so so many) and then the insight into our contributors. A fantastic show and an incredible team!”

Catch Worlds Most Dangerous Roads on Dave on Sundays 8pm or all episodes available on UKTV Play.

Into the Congo with Ben Fogle 

Editor: Dan Knight

Exec Producer: Tayte Simpson

Mentorn for Channel 5

Sunday 18th February 9pm

Dan was incredibly excited to be part of this 3-part thrilling documentary adventure series presented by Ben Fogle. Dan is usually more known for cutting comedy so was looking forward to getting his teeth into a different genre.  This series see’s the renowned British adventurer embark on his most extreme and immersive expedition to date exploring the length and breadth of the Republic of the Congo. His aim to better understand the wildlife, people, and land that are still steeped in great myth and misconception. He fully immerses himself with native tribes and discovers how ancient ways of life are still thriving. He encounters incredible animals, as well as taking on a challenging journey through the jungle terrain.

Dan Knight edited Episode 2 ‘Gorilla’s. When we chatted to him about it Dan said “it’s a really lovely show, really beautifully shot and an absolute eye opener. I’m really proud of my work on this one”.

Into the Congo with Ben Fogle starts Sunday 18th February 9pm on Channel 5

Rob and Romesh Vs F1

Series 6

CPL for Sky One

Editor: Steve Flatt ( Part 1 )

A couple of men posing for a picture

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Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan return with an exciting special, delving into the high-stakes realm of Formula One racing. Joining forces with team Mercedes at the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, they’ll rub shoulders with racing icons Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Their journey includes meeting with the strategic genius behind Team Mercedes’ triumphs, team principal Toto Wolff. As they immerse themselves in the world of Team Hamilton, they’ll undergo challenges to test their mettle and see if they’ve got what it takes to join the elite ranks of the team.

Steve Flatt was looking forward to working with CPL again and enjoyed editing this special which combines two of his favourite things; comedy and sports. Steve edited episode 1 of this 2-part special which airs on Thursday 15th February 9pm Sky Max.

Black Stroke

Short Film for Netflix

Director: Olivia Smart

Editor: Desiree Ivengbuna

Netflix’s latest Documentary Talent Fund winner, Black Stroke is a short film produced and directed by emerging talent Olivia Smart and edited by Desiree Ivegbuna. The team won £30,000 to create their short doc based around the theme of ‘connection’. Black Stroke follows three British Black contributors from different walks of life who broke racial stereotypes to learn how to swim for the first time. “Drowning isn’t an option as three people tackle their biggest fear.”

Desi had a blast at the Premiere last night and reported that Netflix can throw a great party. (If her phone turns up, let us know!)

On her experience editing the film she commented “It was a challenging process to tell the stories of three people learning to swim across eight weeks, and to weave in their backstories too in just 12 minutes, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and working with Olivia. Olivia said she wanted the film to be ‘A love letter to the Black community’ and I think what we produced was full of warmth, humour and honesty with a wonderful and positive pay off at the end”. Black Stroke had it’s premiere in London last night along with the other Talent Fund winners and will be available to watch on Netflix’s Still Watching YouTube Channel.   

Jack Whitehall: Settle Down

Jackpot Productions for Netflix

Exec Producers: Jack Whitehall & Richard Ackerman

Finishing Editor: Joe Swanson

Tuesday 30th January

Jack Whitehall has recorded his Settle Down tour for a Netflix special, Joe Swanson was the finishing editor and although he is familiar with Jack’s humour from cutting series of his in the past, this was the first time he had edited one of his live shows. Joe applied his vast experience of cutting multicamera and live music performances to give the finishing touches and polish.

The stand-up show was filmed over three nights at the O2 Arena in London. Featuring Whitehall’s thoughts about being 34, he is growing up and discarding trivial things as he prepares for fatherhood. He talks about dogs, drinking and dining alone. Also about being a famous alumnus of his private school. He reflects on his decision to settle down and become a father.

Settle Down is coming to Netflix Tuesday 30th January.

The Apprentice

Naked Entertainment for BBC1

Editors: Gruff Lovegreen and Alex Soskin

Thursday 1st Feb

The Apprentice BBC/Naked Entertainment

Can you believe Lord Sugar is back! Faithful aides Baroness Karren Brady and Tim Campbell will also return to the boardroom for Series 18 (yes, series 18)! of The Apprentice.

As usual the series will see Lord Alan Sugar putting a new batch of business hopefuls through their paces as they aim to impress him and win the chance to become his next business partner.

One of Satusfaction’s faithfull’s, Alex Soskin, returns to British TV with a bang and smashes it on one of the most long-running reality shows for the BBC. Editor Gruff Lovgreen loved coming back on the show after cutting series 17, it was on Gruff’s wish list to edit the show and we’re glad to have made it happen for him.

Alex said “I had a great time working on The Apprentice. It was hybrid work, which i found worked really effectively. I was on a variety of episodes over the series and finding the scenes, we often took a different approach to other shows, one that gave the EP an encyclopedic knowledge of the footage. It worked well and I look forward to working with that team again and watching the series on TV”.

The Apprentice starts Thursday 1st February

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Robbie Williams

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Brawn: The Impossible Formula One Story

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