The Outlaws / Wanted dead or alive

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$100,000 Reward

Sure Shot Satu

Wanted for a stage coach robbery in Tombstone and horse rustling throughout Arizona. Reputed to be the most skilled sharpshooter in the Midwest. Armed and dangerous – approach with caution.

Satu Lawrence / Managing Director
07973 896 971

$5,000 Reward

Loopy Lou

For running the infamous ‘Red River’ Brothel, bootlegging and a Railroad depot robbery in Oklahoma. May try to seduce you – approach with caution.

Louisa Lloyd / Company Director
07899 985 763

$30,000 Reward

Amy the Abilene Kid

The infamous bandit, pistol-trained by the “bloodthirsty” Doolin Gang. Wanted for her cattle rustlin’ antics and whiskey bootleggin’ with the Indians. Is known for consistently outwitting the law and stealing their ammunition.

Amy Kelleher / Accounts Manager
0207 287 9839

$10,000 Reward


The leader of the Blackfoot Indian tribe wanted for the kidnap of a Cree Tribe member. This bloodthirsty warrior last seen disguised in buffalo fur amongst the rocky mountains of Southern Alberta.

Katie Moskal / Bookings Coordinator
07723 073 740

$75,000 Reward

Prairie Pirrie

Lone survivor of the notorious Prairie Pals shoot out at Dead Man’s summit. Luck or treason? Last seen blazing a trail to the Badlands on her stallion ‘The Widow Maker.’ Shoot to kill.

Lynne Pirrie / Bookings Coordinator
020 7287 9839

$150,000 Reward

Leah Cactus

Native to Patagonia, 267 years old and known as the water gatherer. Leah is a prickly little character with poisonous thorns. Pretty to look at but don’t get too close!

Leah Stowell / Accounts
0207 287 9839

$500,000 Reward

Fudge the Office Dog

Informant to the Sheriff, Bandits number one Enemy. Has hypnotic powers, and ways of making you talk… Avoid eye contact if possible

Fudge / Office Dog