The Outlaws / Wanted dead or alive

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$10,000 Reward

Sure Shot Satu

Across the rugged terrain of Arizona, one name strikes fear into the hearts of lawmen: “Sure Shot Satu”. Wanted for a daring stagecoach robbery in Tombstone and notorious horse rustling. Reputed as the most skilled sharpshooter Sure Shot Satu is armed and dangerous. With a quick draw and deadly aim, Approach with caution, for she is a shadow in the desert, her gaze as piercing as her revolver. The legend of the most feared outlaw in the West.

Satu Lawrence / Managing Director
07973 896 971

$10,000 Reward

Loopy Lou

Meet Loopy Lou, the Mistress of Intrigue. With a reputation for scandal and ambition, she is a force to be reckoned with. Owner of the infamous ‘Red River’ Brothel, she’s known for drawing in the wealthiest and most influential patrons. Legends tell of her daring exploits in bootlegging and smuggling forbidden spirits across state lines, with a smile that promises both danger and delight, she may attempt to seduce you into her web of intrigue. Approach with caution!

Louisa Lloyd / Company Director
07899 985 763

$60,000 Reward

Blazeheart Amy

Blazeheart Amy learned the ways of the gun from an early age. Quick on the draw and deadly accurate, she soon became a force to be reckoned with. She’s a master of the wild, a true outlaw of the Old West. Known for consistently outwitting the law, Amy’s daring heists are the stuff of legend whispered in hushed tones around campfires and saloon tables. Armed with a steely resolve and a trusty revolver she loves the thrill of the chase.

Amy Kelleher / Accounts Manager
0207 287 9839

$50,000 Reward

Teija the Midnight Bandit

Hailing from the arid lands of the Old West, she is one of the most notorious bandits to ever roam the plains. Trained in the art of the pistol by the infamous Blazeheart Amy, she strikes fear into the hearts of bankers and lawmen alike, with her daring heists and lightning-fast getaways. She’s robbed more banks than anyone cares to count, leaving behind a trail of empty vaults and broken dreams.

Teija Lawrence / Accounts Assistant

$10,000 Reward

Ace-High Katie

Katie is the spirited proprietor of the most renowned saloon in town. Born in the heart of the frontier, her establishment is the beating heart of the town, a sanctuary where troubles are left at the door and camaraderie reigns supreme. Despite the occasional dust-up or disagreement, Katie runs a tight ship. Pull up a chair, grab a glass, and let the good times roll in!

Katie Moskal / Bookings Assistant
07723 073 740

$50,000 Reward

Madcap Soph the Trick Rider

Sophie is a daring and fearless sharpshooter and trick rider who dazzles audiences with her incredible marksmanship and thrilling stunts. Her performances at the rodeo are the talk of the town. Whether she’s riding bareback through a ring of fire or splitting an apple on her husband’s head with a single shot, Sophie never fails to leave the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Sophie Habib-Deloncle / Bookings Co-ordinator
07593 435 778