The Outlaws / Wanted dead or alive

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$100,000 Reward

Sure Shot Satu

Wanted for a stage coach robbery in Tombstone and horse rustling throughout Arizona. Reputed to be the most skilled sharpshooter in the Midwest. Armed and dangerous – approach with caution.

Satu Lawrence / Managing Director
07973 896 971

$5,000 Reward

Loopy Lou

For running the infamous ‘Red River’ Brothel, bootlegging and a Railroad depot robbery in Oklahoma. May try to seduce you – approach with caution.

Louisa Lloyd / Company Director
07899 985 763

$30,000 Reward

Amy the Abilene Kid

The infamous bandit, pistol-trained by the “bloodthirsty” Doolin Gang. Wanted for her cattle rustlin’ antics and whiskey bootleggin’. Is known for consistently outwitting the law and stealing their ammunition.

Amy Kelleher / Accounts Manager
0207 287 9839

$500,000 Reward

Fudge the Office Dog

Informant to the Sheriff, Bandits number one Enemy. Has hypnotic powers, and ways of making you talk… Avoid eye contact if possible

Fudge / Office Dog

$10,000 Reward


Wanted for the kidnap of a Cree Tribe member. This bloodthirsty warrior last seen disguised in buffalo fur amongst the rocky mountains of Southern Alberta.

Katie Moskal / Bookings Assistant
07723 073 740

$50,000 Reward

Sophie of the Seminole Tribe

Last seen near the Chattahoochee River. Wanted for robbery of a liquor store, has a cache of weapons, if spotted report immediately to the local sheriff.

Sophie Habib-Deloncle / Bookings Co-ordinator
07593 435 778