The Grierson Awards

The Satusfaction ladies had an amazing night at the Griersons and were proud to be a sponsor for this years awards. Louisa danced the night away with editors Ella Newton, Jen Hampson and Simon Holmes, whilst Satu was busy flirting with Troy Deeney (no, she’s not a Watford fan).

A big congratulations to Ella who has cleared a space on her mantlepiece for yet another award. She edited ‘Big Oil vs The World: Denial’ which won in the best natural history/environmental documentary category.

Also a big congratulations to all the winners and nominees. See the full list of all the winners here.

The Playboy Bunny Murder

Future US for ITVX

Director: Sam Miller

Rob Trela Ep2
Teddy Bekele: Additional Editing

13th and 14th November

A brand new ITVX premium true crime series will see Marcel Theroux investigate a set of disturbing, unsolved murders and reveal a dark and violent hidden side to the wealth and glamour of exclusive corners of London’s nightlife in the 1970s.

In this two-part documentary series, Theroux examines the brutal murders that shocked London 50 years ago, when Eve Stratford, a Playboy Bunny who aspired to be a famous model, Lynda Farrow, a croupier with years of experience working in night time London, and Lynne Weedon, a schoolgirl were all murdered. The documentary includes interviews with friends, colleagues and relatives of the victims and will provide intimate insight.  Theroux attempts to track down police files, examines new breakthroughs and travels across the world in search of answers.

Rob Trela edited Episode 2. He said “Working with Marcel Theroux, the director Sam Miller,  SP Melissa Mayne and editor Simon Clement to tell this story over two films was exceptional. Overall, this project had the best crew I’ve ever worked with as they were all very committed and talented in their craft”.

Teddy did some additional editing and he also enjoyed working with the director Sam. He said “Sam Miller the series director was very professional and easy to work with”.

Presenter Marcel Theroux said: “This is a story that has obsessed me for years.  How could a serial killer kill multiple victims in 1970s London and remain unknown?  What evidence was missed?  What clues were the police of the time unable to make use of?  As witnesses reach the ends of lives and memories fail, this might be the last chance to get justice for the three victims.”

The Playboy Bunny Murder is on ITV1 & ITVX at 9pm on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th November

Stand Up to Cancer: The Takeover and The SU2C Comedy Roast (hosted by Rhod Gilbert)

Editor: Sean Siegfried

Monkey Kingdom for Channel 4

Friday 3rd November

Davina McCall, Adam Hills, Joe Lycett, and Munya Chawawa present Stand up to Cancer’s Eighth televised fundraising special. They will take over London’s remarkable Francis Crick Institute, a world-renowned centre for cutting-edge biomedical research, to honour the incredible strides in cancer research achieved through the generosity of public contributions.  We can expect a dynamic mix of comedic talent and celebrities collaborating to raise awareness for Stand Up To Cancer, and the Prince of Wales delivers a touching tribute to the late Deborah James, affectionately known as ‘Bowelbabe.’

Later in the evening  Rhod Gilbert hosts The SU2C Comedy Roast featuring an array of comedy talent including Jordan Gray, Ellie Taylor, Danny Beard, Tom Stade.

Sean has been working on VT’s for both shows.

We chatted to Sean about his experience working on the project and he said “It’s been an absolute joy working with the Stand Up To Cancer team. We’ve spent the last few weeks building the various pre-edited sequences, that will feature during the live show, and it’s been inspiring to see the contributions, from various comedians, and the creativity coming out of the production team. There’s a lot of great comedy, and there are a lot of genuinely thought provoking messages. I’ve relished the opportunity to tuck into some good old comedy editing and the whole experience has felt like it has real meaning. I can’t wait to see it all come together this Friday!”

Stand Up to Cancer: The Takeover is on Friday 3rd November 7pm Channel 4

SU2C Comedy Roast will be on Friday 3rd November 10pm Channel 4

To learn more about Stand Up to Cancer or to donate, check out the official website

World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Ricochet for Dave and UKTV Play

Exec Producers: Natalie Wilkinson and Hannah Lamb.

Editors: Andreas Torner, Melanie Golden and Ian David Smith

Photo: Worlds Most Dangerous Roads: Ricochet

Ricochet series, World’s Most Dangerous Roads is returning to Dave and UKTV Play for a second series.

The upcoming series will feature a fresh lineup of comedic duos embarking on a bold adventure to navigate some of the world’s most perilous roads. Filmed over five days, existing friendships, revealing conversations, chemistry and rivalries between celebrities add extra value to the road trips as they are sent to new destinations to face driving challenges that test them to their limits.

Melanie edited the Bhutan and Sri Lanka episodes with comedian duos Maddix and Larry Dean venturing into Bhutan and Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamara embarking on a journey through Sri Lanka. Melanie enjoyed working on the series commenting; “The World’s Most Dangerous Roads – what a ride 🙂 2 comedians/celebrities in a car, filmed all day in epic landscapes, doing crazy things and trying to stay on the road, being funny, witty, scared and sharing some insights into themselves. Editors dream. Biggest challenge on this show – the amount of amazing content that we have to get through, and deciding what will finally make it into the edit, having to finding the balance between the epic journey, the culture of the country, the funny moments ( and there are so so many) and then the insight into our contributors. A fantastic show and an incredible team!”

Andreas enjoyed on series 1, the Albania episode with Keith Lemon and Will Mellor. He is now working on this second series travelling through Bulgaria with Olga Koch and Thaniya Moore.  He said “It’s a great format – part travel show, part comedy and it’s a lot fun to work on”

World’s Most Dangerous Roads is returning to Dave and UKTV Play later this year

Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind

Editor: Sean Schmolz

Thu 26 Oct 9pm ITV

Photo: ITV

Sir Lenny Henry has spent nearly 50 years in the spotlight, but what do friends and family members make of the entertainer’s many talents? In this new affectionate retrospective, the comedy legend looks back at his career highlights. A-listers line up to pay fond tributes and share their own thoughts on what makes the multi-talented comedian, actor, writer, campaigner and prolific charity fundraiser truly one of a kind.

Famous faces including David Tennant, Ben Elton, Alesha Dixon, Richard Curtis, Sir Trevor McDonald and Mo Gilligan are among those offering their own insights on why Lenny remains such a unique figure in the world of entertainment – and Hollywood superstar Whoopi Goldberg champions the man she declares “a real-life superhero”.

Sean Schmolz was delighted to get back in the edit with director Emily Kennedy who is ‘always a pleasure to work with’, especially on a project like this one. He explained ‘Sir Lenny had a very prolific career and it was a challenge to pick out the best bits.’ Sean also enjoyed Sir Lenny’s taste in music, he said was very cool and fun to cut to!

Clips from across the decades include highlights from Tiswas, Three Of A Kind and The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power -there’s also a sneak peek look behind the scenes of Lenny’s eagerly anticipated ITV1 drama Three Little Birds, which is inspired by his mother’s stories of leaving Jamaica in the 1950s to embark on a new life in the UK.

This is a funny, fascinating, and ultimately inspiring portrait which we are looking forward to tuning into!

Outsiders: Series 3

Renegade Pictures for Dave

Exec Producer: Victoria Payne

Editors: Jamie Bull, Ian Smith and Dave Berezai

The new series of Outsiders starts this week, David Mitchell challenges three pairs of comedians to prove they’ve got the mettle and skills to thrive in the great outdoors.

Those taking part in series 3 are Alan Davies, Roisin Conaty, Guz Khan, Judi Love, Chris McCausland and Laura Smyth. Ian ‘Smurf’ Smith has worked on the series for the last 3 years and feels it’s really found it’s feet now, it’s a show he looks forward to work on!

Jamie Bull said “The Outsiders team were a really great bunch and a pleasure to work with. Definitely the kind of team I’d like to work with again”.

The new series starts Wednesday 11th Oct 10pm on Dave and UKTV Play

Grierson Awards

Paul Holland, editor on Eps 1 and 2 of  Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World which is in the Best Music Documentary category.

Graham Taylor already has a few Grierson Award nominations under his belt and this year is no exception with FIFA Uncovered for Netflix nominated in the Best Sports Documentary category.

My Dead Body for Channel 4 is in the Best Science Documentary category. Well done to Matt Lowe who worked on this critically acclaimed, ground-breaking documentary with Director Sophie Robinson.

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 – You Can’t Stop a Riot in the 90s for Netflix has been nominated in the Best Entertaining Documentary. Chris Duveen worked on this one along with Assistant Editor Bahader Mattu

Congratulations to Charlie Webb who was one of the editors on Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams for BBC One which is in the Best Contracted Documentary Series.  

The Crossing for ITV has already won an RTS and been nominanated for a BAFTA. It was edited by Ella Newton and is in the Best Current Affairs Documentary. Ella also edited Big Oil vs the World – Denial for BBC2 which is in the Best Natural History or Environmental Documentary. A huge congratulations to the teams involved on these two multiple-award winning documentaries.

Ben Burgess, Gwyn Moxham and Chris Naggs all enjoyed editing The Rap Game for BBC3 which is in the Best Constructed or Formatted Documentary Series.

Finally, Race Across the World for BBC One is in the Best Constructed or Formatted Documentary Series. Congratulations to Simon Holmes who was one of the editors on the team!

Congratulations again to all the nominees!  The winners will be revealed at the ceremony, hosted by Nish Kumar on the 9th November. We can’t wait!

Celebrity Race Across the World

Editor: Simon Holmes Series 1. Episode 2.

Studio Lambert for BBC One

In this six-part celebrity version of the much-loved series, four celebrities and their racing partners will race to a finish line that’s thousands of miles away without the use of air travel or any trappings of modern-day life. Stripped of all mod-cons and all luxuries they will have to rely on their skills, ingenuity, and hard work in order to succeed. With just the cash equivalent of completing the route to their final destination by air, they will have to earn extra money along the way as well as call upon the kindness of strangers to help them progress.

This series sees broadcaster Alex Beresford and his dad, singer Mel Blatt and her mum, McFly drummer Harry Judd and his mum and British Racing Driver Billy Monger and his sister embark on their travels. Starting in Marrakech, Morocco, and ending in Tromsø, Norway, known as the Arctic capital, the epic journey will span 24 countries and over 10,000 km. This incredible journey will give a unique insight into the celebrities and their relationships with their travelling companions.

Simon Holmes who edited Episode 2 said “I’ve loved Race from series one, so it’s been a privilege to work on both main and the new celebrity strand this past year. Celebrity was a slightly different prospect from the main show, playing more for laughs yet still trying to maintain the human story elements that make the show so engaging. Its a test juggling race and contributor narratives, but with excellent exec guidance ever so satisfying when it comes together”.

Due to the devastating news in Morocco the launch of the series has now been postponed. The TX date is To be Confirmed.

Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva España

Studio Ramsay for ITV and ITVX

Exec Producer: Charlotte Woolley

Series Director: Ben Archard

Editors: Sean Schmolz, Paul Bussey and Roy Williams

The Culinary Trio are back!

Gordon Ramsay, Fred Sirieix and Gino D’Acampo are at it again, this time they’re road tripping in Spain battling it out for supremacy in everything from driving to cooking to some of their most extreme high adrenaline activities yet. They visit Andalusia, where they taste tapas in Malaga. They then head to the ancient town Ronda and finish in Jerez to sample sherry, whilst seeing if they’ve got the Flamenco flair.

Editors: Sean Schmolz, Paul Bussey and Roy Williams worked on this series.

Episode 1 is available on ITVX

Episode 2 airs on Mon 4 Sep 9pm – 10pm

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn

Franco Bogino: Finishing Editor and Additional Editor.

Duncan Hill and Phil Bowman – Additional Editors.

Executive Producers: James Gay-Rees, Martin Conway, Paul Martin

Box to Box for Apple TV+

This Four-part docu-series charts the extraordinary rise and fall of former Nissan and Renault boss turned disgraced international fugitive Carlos Ghosn. He was arrested in Japan for financial misdeeds. After being held there in what he called unjust conditions, he escaped — in a trunk on a private plane.

Franco helped out editing across the series and was also the Finishing editor, he said “It was a great team and everyone really believed in the project. It’s a great story and they had the conviction to tell it in an interesting way,  so it was nice to work on something that has that gravitas”.

It’s had some brilliant reviews so far. Rolling Stone has stated it “Wanted is a gripping take on a wild story that provides generous helpings of rich context, a necessary if sometimes overlooked ingredient in nonfiction filmmaking. It turns out Wanted isn’t just an investigation; it’s also a caper, depicted in reenactments that boast the editing and cinematography chops of an Ocean’s Eleven movie. The series has its cake and eats it, too, blending high-stakes, shoe-leather reporting with thriller sizzle.”

We’re looking forward to watching this one!

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn is available now on Apple TV

Sunderland Til I Die: Series 3

Editor: Jake Lofdahl Exec Producers: Benjamin Turner & Leo Pearlman Fulwell 73 for Netflix Picture: Netflix Confirmed to be the final season with just three episodes, Sunderland Til I Die returns to Netflix on 13th February.  Jake Lofdahl was co-editor on Episode 1. The returning sports ob… Read More

The Traitors USA Series 2

Editor: James Sheldon Exec Producer: Sam Rees-Jones Studio Lambert for Peacock and BBC 12th Jan 2024 The Traitors USA Series 2: Peacock. Official Trailer This immensely popular show was a real viewings winner and is back for a second series. It’s hosted by Alan Cumming and the US cast… Read More

Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife

Nutopia for Netflix Premieres: 29th November Editor: Franco Bogino Director: Ben Steele This documentary series explores the rise and then dramatic downfall of the ‘superstar surgeon’ Paolo Macchiarini. In 2011, Macchiarini was heralded for revolutionizing transplant medicine with his groundbreaking alternative to organ donation , plastic windpipes that seemed… Read More

Robbie Williams

RSA Films for Netflix Exec Producer: Asif Kapadia & Dominic Crossley-Holland Dir. Joe Pearlman Editor: Jamie Williams Eps 1 & 2 Released 8th November Netflix are calling this this four-part documentary series raw, honest and real. This biopic docuseries looks at British pop superstar, Robbie Williams.  One of… Read More

Brawn: The Impossible Formula One Story

North One for Disney+ 15th November 2023 Exec Producers: Neil Duncanson and Keanu Reeves Editors Matt Lowe, Jayesh Lathia Felix Black and Bahader Mattu This filmic four-part documentary series with Keanu Reeves uses interviews and archive to tell the incredible story of Ross Brawn who led a… Read More

Who Killed Jill Dando?

Empress Films for Netflix Director: Marcus Plowright Executive Producer: Emma Cooper Editor: Abraham Teweldebrhan In 1999 BBC presenter Jill Dando was sadly shot dead outside her home in west London, her murder led to a high profile and complex investigation. A suspect, Barry George was convicted and imprisoned for… Read More

AP Dhillon: First of a Kind

Passion Pictures for Amazon Prime Exec Producer: Amy Foster Series Director: Jay Ahmed, Editor: Sarjit Bains Premieres 18th August This four part fly on the wall docuseries delves into the life of Amritpal Singh Dhillon, the self-made superstar known globally as AP Dhillon. He is known for his tracks… Read More