How to Get Rich Quick

Little Gem

Monday 23rd July 8.30 Channel 4

Self-made millionaire and founder of Bank Of Dave, Dave Fishwick, will help ordinary people to ‘get rich quick’ in a new 6 x 30-minute features series for Channel 4. How To Get Rich Quick will chart Fishwick’s attempts to teach people the money making skills which helped him become a self-made millionaire. With Dave’s great tips – his money making manifesto – at the heart of the series, the show aims to give people practical tools to make their money grow. There is also invaluable insight into world of personal finance.

Sarjit Bains and Dan Stewart were the main editors of the series, with help from Martin Sole, Miles Green, Hannah Woolfson, Tom Deverell and Ian Smith!

The first episode is on tonight 8.30pm Channel 4

British Bulldog Awards 2018.

Congratulations to all the nominees for the British Bulldog Awards 2018.
A big well done to CPL and Channel 4 and the team on ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ which won in the Factual Entertainment category. We are super proud of Belle Borgeaud who worked on the series!

The People Vs The NHS: Who Gets The Drugs?

Wednesday 27 June



Editor Graham Taylor

Pulse Films in partnership with the Open University.

This documentary edited by Graham Taylor is the incredible story of the battle for PrEP on the NHS: a legal fight which saw doctors, activists and AIDS charities come together to overturn the NHS decision. It was the start of an emotive battle which would see the cost of the treatment publicly pitted against the cost of prosthetic limbs, blood cancer drugs and drugs for children with cystic fibrosis.

At the heart of the story is one man, Greg Owen, who helped stop thousands becoming HIV positive by setting up a website which allowed people to buy generic PrEP from drug manufacturers in India. Despite being homeless and without a wage, Greg found himself running Britain’s main gateway to PrEP from his mother’s kitchen in Belfast.

Part of the BBC’s NHS at 70 season marking the 70th anniversary of the NHS, this film explores the hugely complex decisions facing a cash-strapped health service in one of the most difficult periods in its history.

Graham said “it was an honour to work on such an important story and to have the chance to tell the story both for BBC and also in an additional feature length version (which is forthcoming), providing the chance to go deeper into a story that reveals much about contemporary social and political issues”.

The People Vs The NHS: Who Gets The Drugs? will be aired Wednesday 27 June 9pm BBC2.

Sheffield Documentary Festival 2018

Satu and Katie had a wonderful time as usual at the Sheffield Documentary Festival. Lots of interesting, powerful and hard-hitting films were screened as well as informative talks and an amazing array of Alternative Realities to experience.  Here are out top pics of films to look out for:

Three Identical Strangers:

We are slightly biased as Michael Harte edited this amazing documentary. However we weren’t the only ones who were excited to see it. Crowds of people turned up for the screening and had to be turned away so the festival had to put on another screening so people didnt miss out!

In 1980, three identical triplets, complete strangers raised in entirely different New York households, managed to discover each other, decades after they had been separated at birth. But behind the splashy headlines lurked a disturbing secret which called into question the very notion of who we are.

No Greater Law:

Katie watched this film about the Idaho Followers of Christ who don’t believe in any kind of medical intervention. The state currently permits them to practice faith healing instead. The local sheriff has witnessed too many children die, and he and ex-followers determined to change the law. It’s a slow paced film, and incredibly emotive- but a must see! Watch the Trailer: here 

Gun No 6

The screening for this was at 9am! Poor Katie had to get up early after partying into the early hours to see this one, and it was a brutal watch!  She doesn’t regret getting up though, and thoroughly recommends this film.

Changing hands over a decade, used in eleven shootings and three murders, this is the story of Britain’s deadliest illegal gun: Gun No. 6. The film explores why men pick up guns and the shockwaves that follow each shooting, for victims, police, communities and perpetrators.

For the Birds

A woman’s love for her pet ducks, chickens, geese, and turkeys—all 200 of them—ignites a battle with local animal rescuers and puts her marriage in jeopardy.

The story doesn’t sound that gripping, but Satu loved this documentary. The main character was utterly fascinating and it was beautifully crafted together.



The Ballymurphy Precedent

Dartmouth Films Presents an Awen Media Production of an Outsider Movie Company Film in Association with Channel 4

Director Callum Macrae

Editor Charlie Hawryliw

The Ballymurphy Precedent tells the unknown story death of eleven innocent people at the hands of the British Army in a Catholic estate in Belfast in 1971. This is a massacre that few have heard of, yet it was one of the most significant events in the Troubles. The British army continues to cover it up because they cannot afford to admit the truth. The relatives of those who died are fighting for justice – and our investigation shows why. This secret massacre led directly to the Bloody Sunday killings by the same Parachute regiment just five months later.

The World Premiere will be at Sheffield Doc Festival Monday 11th June and it will also be screened there on Tuesday 12th June.

Watch the trailer here.

Tessa Jowell: Her Last Campaign

Firecrest Films

Monday 4th June at 7.30pm on BBC1.

Edited by Ella Newton

Ella Newton edited this inspiring special edition of BBC Panorama. Filmed in April, eleven months after her diagnosis with a brain tumour , it followed Tessa Jowell as she used her last weeks to secure her key demands on cancer funding and access to more cancer treatments on the NHS. It includes her powerful appearance at the Houses of Parliament.

Monday 4th June at 7.30pm on BBC1.


Training Days with Jack Whitehall

Training Days with Jack Whitehall is now available on YouTube.

Launching  today, May 9th, Jack Whitehall: Training Days is the brand new unscripted comedy series that sees Jack Whitehall take some of the biggest names in football out of their comfort zones and into hilarious situations.

Watch the trailer here

Production Company: Fulwell 73

Director: Gabe Turner

Editor: Joe Swanson

Joe loved working on the series, he said “It was an incredibly exciting and challenging project to work on. YouTube’s first European Commission featuring some of the biggest names in the game, plus some Tottenham players. It was a hell of a lot of fun!”

Rich Kids Go Skint

Kalel Productions

5 Star  9PM

Editors Gruff Lovrgreen and Gwyn Moxham

In this series, 6 rich kids ditch their fast cars, five-star hotels and endless shopping trips to go skint with families living on the breadline. During their stay, they’ll experience the shock of living below the poverty line, by helping to shop, feed, and babysit for families who can barely make ends meet. Sparks will fly and tears will fall as they face the most challenging time of their entire lives. Gwyn Moxham and Gruff Lovgreen both enjoyed working on this series. Gruff  said “It was a fun series to work on – it’s always interesting to see how people from completely different backgrounds get along and finding the balance between both sides was tricky at times, especially when you could see both sides of the arguments”. He edited Ep one which is on air Wednesday 18th April on 5 Star.

Dispatches: The True Cost of Green Energy

Monday 8-8.30pm

Channel 4

Editor:  Simon Cooper ( Badger)

Biomass will provide up to 30% of our renewable energy by 2020. But is burning wood instead of coal environmentally friendly? Edited by Simon Cooper , this Dispatches episode follows reporter Antony Barnett as he investigates a subsidised renewable energy industry that turns trees into fuel. He travels to the forestlands of the south-eastern United States to find one source of this controversial ‘carbon-neutral’ fuel, and the biodiverse wetlands of Virginia and North Carolina, where millions of tonnes of wood are harvested and processed into pellets, which are burnt in one of Britain’s largest power stations.

 Monday 16th April at 8pm.

Indian Summer School

Channel 4
Naked Entertainment

This documentary follows five working-class British boys who, having failed their core GCSEs, prepare to re-sit their exams at an Indian boarding school. The world-famous Doon School has an exam pass rate of 100 per cent and British head teacher Matthew Raggett believes he can transform the boys’ prospects in just six months.

Simon Cooper (Badger) and Mohsin Bhatti both worked on the series.

Badger said that “The major challenges on this show were the sheer quantity of rushes and the number of storylines to juggle. We also had some characters who were stronger than others so we had to make sure we were fair to the contributors. There were some very sensitive issues over bullying that were rewarding to cut and a wealth of beautiful images to dwell upon, something we were keen to not get lost in the rush to tell the story. Probably one of the most photogenic shows I’ve ever worked on”

Mohsin’s Episode will air on Thursday 12th April. He said “Without giving too much away, the final episode is about big achievements coupled with emotional turns. For us in the edit, one of the biggest challenge was that there was quite a lot of story arches to pack in! It was a real pleasure working with Ziyaad Desai (Producer) and Matt Pelly (Series Producer/Director), they made the experience even more enjoyable and I think it shows in the programme!”

The final episode is on Thursday 12th April at 9pm Channel 4 or you can catch up on other episodes here.


Drive to Survive

Box to Box Films for Netflix Editors: Duncan Hill and Chris Duveen Formula 1: Drive to Survive is a gripping, high-octane 10 part series which is the first to give exclusive and intimate access to the greatest racing competition in the world. From the makers of Senna… Read More

Fiennes: Return to the Nile

Woodcut Media for National Geographic Editor:  Charlie Hawryliw The BAFTA nominated actor Joseph Fiennes has ticked off a childhood dream, by retracing his cousin Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ second expedition 50 years ago. Charlie Hawryliw edited one episode of this three part series which shows Ranulph,… Read More

Revolution in Ruins The Hugo Chávez Story

Revolution in Ruins The Hugo Chávez StoryBBC2 Editor Graham TaylorAvailable on IPlayer This documentary edited by Graham Taylor with additional editing by Ella Newton explores the extraordinary story of Venezuelan politician Hugo Chávez’s 14-year presidency, which saw incredible short-term achievements in health and education overshadowed by a… Read More

Sunderland ‘Til I Die

Fulwell 73 for Netflix Executive producers are Leo Pearlman and Ben Turner. Lem Lawrence– Online using Flame Post Production Facility: Halo Commissioned by Netflix, Sunderland Till I Die is an eight-part series produced by James Corden’s production company Fulwell 73. The behind the scenes documentary looks at… Read More


Mongoose Pictures Frontline PBS and The Guardian Channel 4 Editor Ella Newton Congratulations to Ella Newton and the team at Mongoose Pictures. We are super excited to hear that Mosul has been nominated for two Emmys: Outstanding Short Doc and Outstanding Cinematography! On top of that, it has… Read More

Mercury 13 is now available on Netflix.

Paul Holland stepped in to fill the rather big shoes of editor David Fairhead who had a long history of working with the director David Sington, so the main challenge was to be sympathetic to their rhythm and style of cutting (which was quite different to his own) whilst… Read More

The Investigator: A British Crime Story

Series 2 3 Part Series Episode 1 Thursday 5th April 9pm ITV Journalist and former detective Mark Williams-Thomas looks into a series of missing women and unsolved murder cases, and attempts to link them to two men currently serving time for murder. His investigation begins with 18-year-old Louise… Read More

The Ruth Ellis Files: A Very British Crime Story

9pm, BBC Four Episode 2: Tuesday 14th March Editor Duncan Buchanan In this investigative three-part series for BBC Four, filmmaker Gillian Pachter re-examines the Ruth Ellis case. In April 1955 Ruth Ellis shot her lover David Blakely dead. It’s a case that shocked the nation and it… Read More

Prince: Last Year of a Legend

2nd January Channel 4 Lincoln Square Productions Editor: Duncan Buchanan Post-production Directors’ Cut At the time of his sudden death at the age of 57 Prince was one of the most successful performers of all time selling more than 100 million records. This new documentary by Lincoln… Read More

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

The new series gets underway this Sunday 19th November. The reality show sees 12 celebrities live together in the Australian jungle for around three weeks with no luxuries. They have to endure daily Bush tucker trails and compete to be crowned king or queen of the jungle. The show… Read More

On the Record

Lem Lawrence recently completed grading, graphics and online work for Sam Smith’s new Apple Music documentary ‘On the Record’ for his upcoming album ‘The Thrill of it All’ Lem graded the 45min documentary on Flame at Halo Post, creating a rich, moody look, and also adding life and movement into black and… Read More

The Grierson Awards 2017: Nominations Announced

The Grierson Trust has announced the final nominations for the 45th annual British Documentary Awards, known as The Griersons. Established in 1972, the Griersons are the biggest event in the UK documentary calendar. No Place to Call Home: BBC2 Edited by Michael Harte– nominated for ‘Best Single Documentary’… Read More

The Grierson Trust Awards 2017

  Congratulations to Michael Harte, he edited Raw’s “One Killer punch” and BBC2’s “No place to call Home” which are both shortlisted in the ‘Best Single Documentary-Domestic’ category. One Killer Punch explores the phenomenon of a one-punch kill by examining three different assaults: single hits with dire consequences, but… Read More

Faking It: Tears of a Crime- Shearwater Media

Episode 1: 18th August. Discovery Channel Documentary looking at how people who have shed crocodile tears to hide their guilt in criminal cases. Kerry Daynes, who’s spent 20 years studying some of Britain’s most notorious psychopaths, body language analyst Cliff Lansley and linguistics specialist Professor Dawn Archer study frame-by-frame the… Read More

Vlogglebox E4- Studio Lambert

Vlogglebox is a weekly, fast-turnaround series that reveals what the 16-24 year olds are watching on their phones, laptops and tablets. The returning cast of young reviewers react to the very latest viral videos and short-form content that everyone is talking about in the week of transmission. Vlogglebox is… Read More

Elton John – Bennie And The Jets (Official Music Video)

  Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill’s winning video for Elton John’s music video competition The Cut imagines his mid-70s classic Bennie and The Jets as a gorgeous black and white dance film inspired by classic Hollywood. Ruffian Post worked with Flame Artist Lem Lawrence who completed the beauty work on Jet throughout… Read More

I Shot My Parents

In the United States, five parents a week on average are killed by their children. “I Shot My Parents” follows the dramatic case of 14 year old Nathon Brooks from Washington State, who in 2013 shot his parents while they slept. Miraculously they both survived. With unique access to Nathon,… Read More