David Harewood: Psychosis and Me

Films of Record
Charlie Hawryliw

Thursday 16th May 9pm BBC2

At 23 years old, actor David Harewood suffered a mental breakdown and was taken into hospital, where he was treated with anti-psychotic medication. Now, in this 60min documentary edited by Charlie Hawryliw,  David retraces his steps and try’s to piece together what happened to him, much of which he doesn’t remember, as well as try to understand why it happened.

Alongside the exploration of his own story, he will also meet the people going through mental health crises today and the mental health professionals and emergency services on the frontline. He meets people who are living with psychosis and spends time with two inspirational young people from an Early Intervention drop in group in Solihull. The group is run by consultant psychiatrist, Dr Erin Turner to help offer support and encourage the members talk about their own psychosis, treatment and crucially, their ongoing recoveries.

David Harewood: Psychosis and Me will air on Thursday 16th May at 9pm, BBC2

The Comedy Bus

Editor: Connor Snedecor

This new show will feature stand-up comedians Joel Dommett, Iain Stirling, Tom Allen, Suzi Ruffell, Darren Harriott and Kiri Pritchard-McLean as they travel together to their respective hometowns. Talking about the show, the network explains: “It will follow the six comedians as they embark on a journey to each of their hometowns in search of what life is like there now. On what will be a literal trip of their lifetimes, each comedian will act as tour guide for the episode around their own hometown.”

The series is being filmed by Sacha Baron Cohen and Andrew Newman’s production company Spelthorne Community Television.

Connor who worked on the series said: “I’ve been lucky that the team around me on this project was really easy to work with all the way up. The Comedy Bus has been one of those projects that really transformed during editing and that often puts a lot of stress into the process, but it didn’t go that way. I always felt well supported in the edit, and on the same page with everyone at Spelthorne on where to take the show. And it ended up a better show for it. As an added bonus I had great fun getting to know more of the six talented comics that are the heart of the series.”

The series starts on Wednesday 10th April 10pm on Comedy Central.

Jesus: His Life

Nutopia for History

Richard Lace- Huggy

Robyn Wright

Phil Bowman

Matt Lowe

This 8-part series explores the story of Jesus through a unique lens: the people in his life who were closest to him. Each of the eight chapters is told from the perspective of different biblical figures, all of whom played a pivotal role in his life – Joseph, John the
Baptist, Mary the mother of Jesus, the High Priest Caiaphas, Judas Iscariot,
Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene and Peter. Each individual takes a turn guiding
viewers through the emotional and epic story of one of the most famous figures
in history, through his birth, death and resurrection, through a combination of
scripted drama and interviews with a diverse group of scholars, faith leaders
and theologians from across the ideological spectrum.

Huggy, Robyn, Matt Lowe and Phil all worked on this epic series.  Huggy who was editing
on it  for nearly 4 months said “The production was of epic scale,
using hundreds of extras on Ridley Scott’s former location for ‘Kingdom of
Heaven’  in Morocco. I was always conscious of the time, effort and cost
it took to shoot the material I was handling. I certainly learnt a lot about
the story of Jesus and the people he came into contact with”

Series premieres March 25, and airs across the 4 weeks leading up to Easter 2019


Kilimanjaro: The Bigger Red Nose Climb

Wednesday 9pm – 10pm BBC One

Editor: Jennifer Hampson

Jen Hampson edited the programme which sees inexperienced climbers Shirley Ballas, Ed Balls, Anita Rani, Dani Dyer, Alexander Armstrong, Dan Walker, Osi Umenyiora, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock undertake an eight-day trek scaling Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Jen was actually based out in Tanzania for the first 10 days of the edit.

 Ten years since Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon, Fearne Cotton, Cheryl, Kimberley Walsh, Ben Shephard, Ronan Keating, Denise Van Outen and Chris Moyles completed the challenge, the new recruits are taking on a tougher, longer route, and are likely to spend even more time at extreme altitude. Cameras follow their experiences.

Wednesday 9pm – 10pm BBC One

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The Choir: Our School by the Tower


Editor: Charlie Hawryliw

Well done to Charlie who edited last night’s first part of a two-part documentary The Choir: Our School by the Tower follows Gareth Malone as he works with students at Kensington Aldridge Academy, the school next to the site of the tower block blaze, in which five of its students died. Gareth helps students put on a very special show to mark the reopening of their refurbished school. The aim is to celebrate their pride in the community, their happy memories and the courage and resilience they have shown in the wake of a disaster. This is a big-hearted film, sensitively put together and was testament to its transformative, therapeutic power of these remarkable children.

Part 1 Edited by Charlie Hawryliw and can be watched on BBC iPlayer.

Part 2 will be on Monday 18th March 9pm BBC2



Editor: Nick Follows

This ambitious series looks to crown the most beloved icons of the 20th century, inviting audiences to vote for their most influential figure. The shortlisted ‘icons’ have been divided up into different categories depending on their field of excellence.

Nick Follows  worked across the series and edited tonight’s episode which looks at Artists and Writers. Actress and model Lily Cole assesses the legacies and achievements of Pablo Picasso, Virginia Woolf, Alfred Hitchcock and Andy Warhol – four of the 20th century’s greatest artists and writers. Co-founder of the Cubist movement, Picasso possessed extraordinary talent from an early age. He could have had a brilliant career as a traditional artist, but chose to rip up the artistic rule book, creating defiantly sensual and provocative pieces. Woolf subverted expectations, both professionally and personally, breaking new ground in literature and issuing a rallying cry for artistic equality on behalf of women everywhere. Nicknamed the `Master of Suspense’, Hitchcock’s career spanned six decades, and he was behind some of the most famous moments in cinema. In an age of post-war prosperity, Andy Warhol’s work, which explored consumerism and mass production, was so revolutionary that while some thought he had redefined art, others believed he had broken it.

Voting begins at the end of each programme at 10pm, and is open until 4pm the next day. The winners of the two categories airing each week will be announced live on The One Show – which will also be supporting the show’s grand finale in February.

Icon’s Artists and Writers is aired tonight at 9pm BBC2.
Other episodes are available on Iplayer

Drive to Survive

Box to Box Films for Netflix

Editors: Duncan Hill and Chris Duveen

Formula 1: Drive to Survive is a gripping, high-octane 10 part series which is the first to give exclusive and intimate access to the greatest racing competition in the world. From the makers of Senna and Amy, this series will reveal the true story of the sport – not only the fight to be number one, but the battle for the heart, soul, and direction of this multi-billion-dollar business.

The series will launch on 8th March. Check out the trailer here.

RTS Awards 2019

The Royal Television Society Programme Awards celebrate the best that the UK television industry has to offer. Congratulations to all the nominees including Duncan, Simon, Joe, Tim, Hugo and Alex who have all worked on programmes that have been nominated!

My Life: Locked in Boy- Sugar Films for CBBC- Edited by Simon Bennet

The Ruth Ellis Files: A Very British Crime Story- Wall to Wall for BBC4- Edited by Duncan Buchanan

The Art of Drumming – Wall to Wall for Sky Arts- Edited by Joe Swanson

Britain’s Got Talent- Thames for ITV- Editor Tim Fielding

The Repair Shop-Ricochet for BBC2- Hugo Fowler and Alex Marsh have edited on the series.

The Awards will be presented at the Grosvenor House Hotel, on Tuesday 19 March 2019. Good Luck to everyone nominated!

Fiennes: Return to the Nile

Woodcut Media for National Geographic

Editor:  Charlie Hawryliw

The BAFTA nominated actor Joseph Fiennes has ticked off a childhood dream, by retracing his cousin Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ second expedition 50 years ago. Charlie Hawryliw edited one episode of this three part series which shows Ranulph, 74, tutoring his 48-year-old protégé on how to deal with scorpions and how to defuse an anti-tank mine with a Swiss Army knife! They cover a 2,500km journey in up to 51°C heat, spending a night in the Great Pyramid of Giza, crawl through a network of never-before-filmed underground tombs in Al Minya and fish in the crocodile-infested Lake Nasser. It starts 27th February 9pm National Geographic.

Sky- Channel 165

Virgin Media-channel 264

BT – channel 318

TalkTalk- Channel 318

See No Evil

Arrow Media

Investigation Discovery US – 16X60

Editor: Teddy Bekele

Every day millions of Americans are caught on CCTV. Most people are usual citizens going about their everyday lives, however some are guilty of unspeakable crimes. See No Evil is a ground breaking series which looks at how real crimes are solved with the help of surveillance cameras. Police reveal how CCTV footage has answered cases that otherwise might have remained unsolved. The series features real footage and dramatic reconstruction, combined with first-hand testimony from police, witnesses, and families. Teddy Bekele has worked across series 5.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Nutopia for Nat Geo and Disney+ Through the prism of Jeff Goldblum’s always inquisitive and highly entertaining mind, nothing is as it seems in this new series. Each episode is centered around something we all love — like trainers or ice cream — as Jeff pulls the thread on these… Read More