Banged Up Abroad

S15Ep6: Fighting Yaba

Raw for Nat Geo

Tuesday 25th October – 9pm

Directed and edited by Phil Bowman

Phil Bowman directed and edited tonight’s episode of drama-documentary Banged up Abroad. In the episode Liverpudlian Billy Moore moves to Thailand to start a new, happier life, but instead he gets addicted to the drug Yaba and loses control. Phil found the episode was a great creative challenge as in addition to all the action and danger that audiences are used to in a Banged Up Abroad, Billy’s story is really about his battles with himself. In the end Phil thought this episode has become a discussion of the dangers of toxic masculinity and aspiring to be a good parent.

Watch this gripping and heartfelt retelling of a true story at 9pm on Nat Geo HD (Sky 129)

Super Natural

Produced by James Cameron

Plimsoll for National Geographic and Disney +

Editor: Kel McKeown

Produced by James Cameron and narrated by Academy Award®-nominated and BAFTA Award-winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch, this new series will utilize the latest scientific innovations and leading-edge filmmaking technology to reveal the secret powers and super-senses of the world’s most extraordinary animals.

Kel McKeown edited Episode 6: Impossible Journeys. This episode looks at how animals rely on an array of super- skills to conquer unimaginable odds when facing what seems like an impossible journey.  Kel really enjoyed working on this episode and said “it was great working with such great footage and an excellent creative team, also working with a lot of special effects shots was enjoyable and seeing how they develop”.

Animals, Cumberbatch and produced by James Cameron, what’s not to love?! Season 1 is available  to stream on Disney+ and Nat Geo TV

The Elon Musk Show

72 Films for BBC Two

Editor: Jennifer Hampson

Wednesday 12th October at 9pm

72 Films brings us the enigmatic, compelling and controversial inside story of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk.

Using extensive archive footage taken throughout his life, from South Africa to Silicon Valley, as well as exclusive interviews with the people who know him best, from his mother to Tesla and SpaceX top dogs and even his fiercest adversaries, the series analyses the key moments in Elon’s career that made him the richest man on Earth (and soon Mars).

Jennifer Hampson co-edited the first episode of the 3-part series.

San Francisco, 1995.  Elon begins his ascendency, using his genius to build and sell a major new internet technology business. He becomes a multi-millionaire at the age of just 28. Then, he falls in love with glamorous up-and-coming British actress, Talulah Riley. But just as he’s enjoying newfound success, Elon faces his first major challenge…

Watch his incredible journey from rags to riches, tonight on BBC Two at 9pm.

Trailer available here.

Gino’s Italy: Like Mamma Used to Make

Betty TV for ITV

Editor: Will Adams Episode 1 and 5

Sunday 9th Oct 7.30pm

In this 6 part series, chef Gino D’Acampo travels through the north and south of Italy, celebrating the women who have fuelled and fed his fellow Italians through the ages. Will Adams edited Episode 1 and 5.

We advise not to watch these shows if you’re hungry!!

Episode 1 starts in Gino’s birthplace Torre Del Greco at the base of Mount Vesuvius where he prepares his absolute favourite dish, Pasta alla Genovese with his aunt Lina.  Episode 5 which airs this Sunday show’s Gino exploring Tuscany and celebrating the mammas who use the land to great effect. He also learns classic Tuscan food traditions that use simple ingredients to create rich meals.

Will loved working on these episodes and particularly enjoyed working with SP Naveed Chowdhary-Flatt and the team at Betty TV.

For some yummy food inspiration and to be transported to beautiful Italy, tune in to ITV at 7.30pm on Sunday. All episodes will be available on ITV Hub.

Sophie Grigson: Slice of Italy

Editor: Sam Thompsett

Fine Stripe for Discovery

3rd Oct 9pm on the Food Network and Discovery+

Sam edited three episodes of this brand new cookery travelogue . Food writer, cook and broadcaster Sophie Grigson sold up her home in the UK, packed everything into her car and moved to Puglia in the heel of Italy. The series follows her as she makes a new life for herself there meeting new friends, learning how to cook the Puglian way and exploring this, sometimes neglected, part of Italy.

Sam said “I really enjoyed working on the show, even if I spent the whole time yearning for Italian food. I’d say the biggest challenge of it was getting episodes cut and out the door within about 6 days an episode! Otherwise it was just a pleasure to work on.”

We can’t wait to follow Sophie on her adventures in Italy and we’ll also be yearning for that yummy Italian food!

The first episode airs Monday 3rd Oct 9pm on The Food Network

Stolen: Catching the Art Thieves

Lion Television for BBC2

Editor: Tanya Trochoulias

The world’s greatest paintings – and the most audacious art heists of all time. This three part series tells the gripping true stories of a global game of cat and mouse as high culture meets the underworld.

Tanya Trochoulias edited the ‘Oslo’ episode which tell the true story of how In 1994, Munch’s The Scream was ripped from a gallery wall in Oslo. The detectives leading the investigation describe a complex and dangerous investigation which exposes the lengths to which criminals will go to gain a get-out-of-jail card for murder.

Episode 2 will be aired on Sunday 18th Sept BBC2 at 8.05pm. Tanya’s Oslo Episode will be shown on Sunday 25th Sept.

All three Episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

My Grandparents War

Wonderhood Studios

Editor Jen Hampson Episode 3: Emeli Sandé

Series starts Thursday 15th Sept 9pm Channel 4

My Grandparents’ War is back on Channel 4 for a second series where actors, singers and celebrities look back at their family history in wartime. It’s a four-part series with episodes running weekly on Thursday at the same time, plus they will become available on streaming service All4. Jen Hampson edited singer Emeli Sandé’s episode. The other famous faces are Actors, Kit Harrington, Keira Knightly and Toby Jones. Filmed in historic locations from the killing fields of Kenya to the mountains of Monte Cassino in Italy, each star re-traces their grandparents’ footsteps and is deeply moved as they uncover the life and death decisions their family faced.

Commissioning Editor Madonna Benjamin says: “I’m delighted at the range of stories and calibre of talent involved in this series. As well as exploring fascinating moments in seminal historical periods, what this programme does like no other is to show audiences a side of these A list stars that we rarely see, sharing with us family stories and intimate histories that are both relatable and moving.”

The series starts tonight with the Kit Harrington episode.  Jen’s Emeli Sandé episode will be Episode 3 on Thursday 29th Sept.

The Great British Bake Off

Love Productions for Channel 4

Tuesday 13th September

Editor: Dave Berezai

In Knead of some good news? The beloved Great British Bake Off is back!

Britain’s best amateur bakers compete in the iconic white tent – all united in their aim to prove their baking skills and impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

Editor Dave Berezai worked on the technical challenges of Ep 3 and 5. He said “It was fantastic to work on another Bake Off show. It’s always fun to put together; plenty of drama and humour and always makes me want to dabble in the kitchen!”

We can’t wait!

The Great British Bake Off starts Tuesday 13th September 8pm Channel 4

The Anthrax Attacks

Directed by Dan Krauss

Edited by Duncan Hill

BBC Studios for Netflix

Available on Netflix from 8th Sept 22

This new 90 minute drama documentary comes from Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss (Extremis) and is produced by Sweta Vohra and edited by Duncan Hill. It sound’s like a brilliant project to work on with a great team as Duncan explains: “ Our story is a hard-boiled forensic science investigation, a heart-breaking story of institutional racism in America, a domestic terrorism saga, and an interior view of one man’s psychological and emotional collapse. It was not only a really big challenge making all these strands seamlessly bind together but also very demanding grappling with both classical archival sequences as well as high end dramatised scenes. But I have to say, the whole process was a complete pleasure, made all the better by working with a hugely collaborative director, an open minded exec and a very supportive broadcaster. It’s exactly the way films should be made but all too often aren’t”.

The Anthrax Attacks tells the story of how prominent figures in the media and US government began receiving letters contaminated with deadly anthrax spores. In the following panicked weeks, the FBI launched the biggest investigation in its entire history. With never before seen archive and high-end drama scenes, this documentary tells a tale of madness, obsession and mayhem. Spanning more than 7 years, it took over 600,000 investigator-hours across 6 continents and ruled out 1000 possible suspects before finally narrowing it down to one single man.

The Anthrax Attacks premieres September 8, 2022 on Netflix.

Rosie Jones: Trip Hazard

CPL Productions for Channel 4

Editors: Dan Knight, Connor Snedecor and Hettie Griffiths

Tuesday 23rd August, 10pm, Channel 4

Do you need some inspiration for a staycation? Fear not-  Rosie is back with a second series of her travelogue exploring  good old Great Britain. This series is full of adventure and positivity and the Faction’s Katie is happy to see some more Northern towns being explored too!

Comedian Rosie Jones who has cerebral palsy proves that you don’t need a big budget to have the time of your life, you just need to have the power of minority and an infectious sense of humour. Rosie finds adventures in the unlikeliest of places, each week joined by a celebrity guest, ready to get stuck into the nature, nightlife, and quirky culture of Great Britain. Joanna Lumley narrates the series.

Dan Knight edited Episode 4 which see’s Rosie explore Northamptonshire with Lady Leshurr. He said “The show was a dream to work on, a really fantastic team, Rosie is so funny, lots of great material, lots of laughs everyday.  I would definitely love to work with the team/ show again!”.

Connor was the finishing editor on the first series and was invited back to edit episode 2 of this series which showcases Blackpool. He told us that “Good people and a well run edit made it a real pleasure doing my episode, and I still laughed at it after weeks of working on it“.

The Guardian describes the series as “It’s messy and chaotic and silly, and it certainly doesn’t skimp on fun”. We are looking forward to some laughs! Tune in on Tuesday 23rd August, 10pm, Channel 4

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