Aidan Sansom

Editor Profile

Aidan is a fantastic offline editor who during his career has worked across several different genres including drama, documentary and current affairs. He excels in cutting drama and is quickly able to determine a director’s creative vision and adapt to different styles. Aidan is a good problem solver and always puts the hours and dedication in to make sure that the deadlines are met and the programme looks as slick as it can. In addition, Aidan is extremely likable and builds up a great rapport with his clients who continuously ask him back again!

“Working with Aidan was a real pleasure. He’s got a brilliantly sharp story-telling mind coupled with a really well tuned antenna for the emotional beats in your story and very refined comic timing too. He’s calm in the suite and precise with his craft. Can’t recommend highly enough.”
Sami Absuamra (Director on Almost Never & Lagging).

For a full CV, availability and any further information on Aidan Sansom, please call or on 020 7287 9839 or .

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