Charlie Webb

Editor profile

Charlie is an experienced, skilful editor who is always in demand! From his days assisting Award Winning director Jerry Rothwell on How to Change the World & Sour Grapes to proving himself as a very talented, versatile editor. He has the ability to turn his hand successfully to many genres including observational documentary, factual entertainment and has demonstrated great skills to develop styles and formats for new series. He’s as comfortable working alone as a preditor, writing commentary for a series, as he is leading a team as Series Editor for a major show. Clients really rate his speed, storytelling skills and the exuberant energy he brings to every single edit!

“Charlie Webb is always in my must hire list for any series.

Very creative, sharp editing and great with music; always prepared to think outside the box to tell a good story and find ways of working rushes to make them a compelling watch. Calm under pressure, super-fast on the keys and a pleasure to work with.

Snap him up if you can.” Tim Dalby, Executive Producer, Raw.

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