Hass Azzoug

Hass is popular with his clients for being a creative, contemporary editor – he is equally brilliant cutting fast paced pop-promo style as he is cutting a narrative and letting it breathe.  He is confident and passionate enough to put across his own ideas and thoughts, yet also knows when to rein it in and let the director do their magic too! He has a fantastic, lively mind and is great with people – one of the things that makes him so good is his multicultural broad view of the world.  In addition, he is well-organised, enthusiastic, incredibly hard working and FAST!  In fact he seems to thrive under pressure and tight deadlines.  In terms of his experience he has worked on lots of different genres as he loves mixing it up and keeping things fresh – from current affairs, to reality and factual to drama!

He speaks fluent French, fluent Arabic and practical Italian.


For a full CV, availability and any further information on Hass Azzoug, please call or on 020 7287 9839 or .

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