AP Dhillon: First of a Kind

Passion Pictures for Amazon Prime

Exec Producer: Amy Foster

Series Director: Jay Ahmed,

Editor: Sarjit Bains

Premieres 18th August

This four part fly on the wall docuseries delves into the life of Amritpal Singh Dhillon, the self-made superstar known globally as AP Dhillon. He is known for his tracks such as “Brown Munde”, “Insane” and “Excuses”. The series features a combination of Dhillon’s personal accounts and interviews with his close-knit circle of family and friends. It follows his journey from Gurdaspur, a small village in the Punjab, to the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, where he has become a global music sensation and Icon of our time.

Sarjit Bains worked on episode’s 3 and 4. He explained that “As one of the editors working on Amazon Prime’s AP Dhillon documentary, the key challenges included reviewing hundreds of hours of raw footage, identifying the most compelling narrative arcs, seamlessly interweaving visuals and interviews, maintaining pacing and rhythm, and crafting a cohesive story that captured the essence of this iconic Punjabi singer’s meteoric rise to fame. My fluency in Punjabi proved invaluable, enabling me to pick up on subtle linguistic cues and understand cultural references that enriched the storytelling. Our goal was to craft an inspiring narrative that did justice to this talented musician’s journey from anonymity to stardom.” It sounds like a brilliant project. Sarjit went on to say that “It was a privilege to help bring his powerful story to life on screen”.

It’s going to be a popular series with the trailer already having 13 Million views! The series will be available across 240+ countries and territories.

AP Dhillon: First of a Kind will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video from 18th August.