Banged Up Abroad

S15Ep6: Fighting Yaba

Raw for Nat Geo

Tuesday 25th October – 9pm

Directed and edited by Phil Bowman

Phil Bowman directed and edited tonight’s episode of drama-documentary Banged up Abroad. In the episode Liverpudlian Billy Moore moves to Thailand to start a new, happier life, but instead he gets addicted to the drug Yaba and loses control. Phil found the episode was a great creative challenge as in addition to all the action and danger that audiences are used to in a Banged Up Abroad, Billy’s story is really about his battles with himself. In the end Phil thought this episode has become a discussion of the dangers of toxic masculinity and aspiring to be a good parent.

Watch this gripping and heartfelt retelling of a true story at 9pm on Nat Geo HD (Sky 129)