Bill Bailey’s Musical Master Crafters: Juniors

Love Monday for Sky Arts

Thursday 20th June at 8pm on Sky Arts.

Editor: Matt Scragg

Comedian Bill Bailey unleashes his musical passion as he speaks to the next generation of young musicians and explores what is required to maintain musical instruments in the UK.

We spoke to editor Matt Scragg who worked on this special episode. Matt mentioned that he also worked with editor Phil Diprose and Edit Producer Ann Wilson on the episode but he concentrated on parts 2 and 3.  Matt said:

It was a very challenging first week because Phil and I had to first work out the best way of dividing the workload between us and then cut down many hours of interviews and workshops into short 4-8 minute scenes. It was a well shot project though, so it all came together in the final two weeks pretty smoothly – and Sky Arts are a dream to work for so the final review process was a pleasure.”

Matt also mentioned “I think this Special is a bit different from the normal Bill Bailey’s Master Crafters episodes that have come before in that Bill is a musician himself, so he was able to get involved on a more personal level”.

The programme coincides with Sky’s Access All Arts Week, a free learning programme which aims to help teachers celebrate the arts. It will air 20th June at 8pm on Sky Arts, Freeview Channel 36 and NOW.