Black Stroke

Short Film for Netflix

Director: Olivia Smart

Editor: Desiree Ivengbuna

Netflix’s latest Documentary Talent Fund winner, Black Stroke is a short film produced and directed by emerging talent Olivia Smart and edited by Desiree Ivegbuna. The team won £30,000 to create their short doc based around the theme of ‘connection’. Black Stroke follows three British Black contributors from different walks of life who broke racial stereotypes to learn how to swim for the first time. “Drowning isn’t an option as three people tackle their biggest fear.”

Desi had a blast at the Premiere last night and reported that Netflix can throw a great party. (If her phone turns up, let us know!)

On her experience editing the film she commented “It was a challenging process to tell the stories of three people learning to swim across eight weeks, and to weave in their backstories too in just 12 minutes, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and working with Olivia. Olivia said she wanted the film to be ‘A love letter to the Black community’ and I think what we produced was full of warmth, humour and honesty with a wonderful and positive pay off at the end”. Black Stroke had it’s premiere in London last night along with the other Talent Fund winners and will be available to watch on Netflix’s Still Watching YouTube Channel.