Brawn: The Impossible Formula One Story

North One for Disney+

15th November 2023

Exec Producers: Neil Duncanson and Keanu Reeves

Editors Matt Lowe, Jayesh Lathia Felix Black and Bahader Mattu

This filmic four-part documentary series with Keanu Reeves uses interviews and archive to tell the incredible story of Ross Brawn who led a consortium that bought the former Honda Racing team for £1. With a smaller development budget than their Formula 1 rivals, minimal sponsorship and only customer support from engineer manufacturers, an understaffed, underfinanced and independent team won the World Championship.  There is exclusive access to the F1 archives, much of it previously unseen from a year that global sport will never forget, with contributions from British F1 driver Jenson Button and Ross Brawn, who led the team to victory.

Matt Lowe worked on Episode 4, Jayesh Lathia did some finishing work, Felix did the pre-titles and Bahader Mattu did the archive replacement on the series.

Bahader who worked on this remotely, did some archive replacement, music replacement and offline amendments. He enjoyed working on the series.

Felix who cut the pre-titles and helped on Ep1 said “It was a barnstorming edit to do and Keanu Reeve’s passion for the fantastical Brawn F1 story was infectious. I’m looking forward to seeing it full-throttle on Disney+ soon…”

Matt said “It was a joy to work on to be honest.  Great story, great access (everyone you would want an interview with, we had) and amazing archive.  Also, the team we had working on it were all lovely, so all-in-all, it was a pretty positive experience”.

The series will premiere on Disney+ on the 15th November

Photo: Disney