Breaking Dad

Editors: Dan Knight and Dave Berezai

Hungry Bear for ITV

Actor Bradley Walsh and his 20-year-old son Barney are hitting the road together for a brand-new four-part series, travelling over 2000 miles from Los Angeles to New Orleans. They might be father and son but when it comes to travelling they are worlds apart, with Bradley keen to relax while Barney wants to live life a little more on the edge. Worried his old man is too stuck in his ways, Barney has decided to take matters into his own hands with an adventurous trip that his dad will never forget.

Dave Berezai edited episode 1. He said “It was great to work on an ITV prime-time show with all those at Hungrybear. Brad provided real moments of comedy and the situations he found himself in created genuine drama. It was great fun putting it all together and crafting the show”.

Dan Knight edited episodes 2 (Arizona) and 3 (Texas). He said “The team were great, especially series director Phil Ashton.The biggest challenge was finding the nuggets of reality when the talent let their guard down. They had very clear ideas of what the show should be, but the best moments came when they were just being themselves. Bradley is a big character and will always give great material but it’s fun to find the real moments of terror and joy when their guard slips, like the Skydiving or the cowboy college. Then to build that into something that feels really special”

Episode 3 ‘Texas’ is aired tonight 8pm ITV