Congratulations JP on your new Feature Film – Godsacre

See link for trailer (edited by our very own Smurf- Ian Smith)

‘God’s Acre’ is the directorial debut of our lovely editor J.P. Davidson.  It’s set in the bleakest realms of London’s suburbs. Matthew Jure gives an incredibly powerful performance as Malcolm, a failed property developer dealing with his inner demons. Driven to bankruptcy due to the recession, Malcolm loses everything and falls into deep debt. With his only possession being a house that’s rotting around him, Malcolm must renovate and sell in order to repay his creditors and escape the spiraling danger which their lack of patience precipitates. It won’t be that easy though; the home haunts Malcolm’s mind and drives him further into an alcohol-driven loneliness. There’s something sinister in the very foundations, and Malcolm must see this through to the bitter end…