Cracking the Code

Blink Films for Sky HISTORY

Editor: Simon Warner

Monday 15th August 10pm.

The universe is full of coded secrets – in its flora and fauna, its solar systems, its medicine, its mathematics, its criminal behaviour, and its manufacturing. Man-made enigmas hiding top-secret information, ancient wisdom lost in indecipherable languages, mysteries from space brought to us in strange radio waves. Featuring the stories of the female codebreaker who helped win World War II, Einstein’s universe-defining equations, classical texts that held the secret of Ancient Greece’s origins, and messages from the Mafia. Cracking the Code reveals the greatest codes known to humanity and the brilliant minds that cracked them.

Simon Warner who edited the episode all about the Zimmerman telegram in WW1 explained a challenge that they came across “It was a tough challenge editing a programme with ww1 archive because the broadcaster didn’t want any black and white footage, we had to have everything colourised, but on a very tight budget”.

The UK premiere is part of Sky HISTORY’s Summer of Secrets and will start on Monday, 15th August at 10pm.