Monday 19th Oct  8pm Channel 4

Quicksilver Media

Editor: Hass Azzoug

Matt Frei investigates the president’s policies, actions and decisions during the pandemic, which has cost more than 200,000 American lives. There are revelations gathered from months of conversations with White House advisers and insiders, whistle-blowers, politicians who have worked with Trump and leading US scientists, as well as loyal Trump supporters.

Hass edited the pre-titles and part four of this fascinating documentary. When Hass started the edit, President Trump has just been diagnosed with COVID-19 so there was lots of last minute changes and new footage to be added!  He worked remotely from home but with a camera set up on his edit suite, the exec was able to work closely with him throughout the edit.  Hass said it was a hard edit with a very fast turnaround but a really interesting project and he enjoyed working with such a lovely team.

Dispatches: Trumps Coronavirus will be on tonight 8pm Channel 4