Christian Brown

Editor Profile

Christian is a fast, creative and innovative editor with a real flair for promos, gaming trailers, trailers and music orientated projects. He loves coming up with ideas and making the best out of the footage he is given. As an online editor, he’s thorough and methodical and he’s extremely technical too.
Over the years Christian has built up an edit facility at home. From his own edit suite he has taken on a range of projects from corporate films to cinema trailers and on air content too. He’s great at setting up systems and communicating well with clients. They love working with him as he really knows his stuff and they feel their project is in safe hands.
With a solid background in post, Christian has gone on to work in other areas of production too. He has gained experience as a DOP/Camera Op shooting with cameras ranging from DSLR’s, Canon C300, Sony F5 to using RED production camera’s in a whole range of production environments, from advertisements to music documentaries. Using Christian’s keen eye for finding shots, his clients know that when it comes to the edit they will have the footage they need, to tell the story they want.

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