Extraordinary Twins

Airing Thursday 1st July 2021 at 9pm

Blink Films for ITV

Editor: Tanya Trochoulias

Episode 2

Produced by Blink Films, this new two-part documentary for ITV explores the amazing world of conjoined twins, discovering how families cope with the extraordinary circumstance of being parents to the rarest of babies – one out of every 200,000 live births.

This documentary features three-year-old twins Callie and Carter from Idaho, who are fused from the chest down with two legs between them, and whose parents Nick and Chelsea Torres only have a few months left to decide whether to opt for separation. 

They meet still-conjoined and now separated twins on their quest to make the best decision for their children. Cameras follow the work of leading British doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital as they try to separate conjoined twins over four nail-biting operations. 

Editor Tanya Trochoulias worked on Episode 2 where the Torres family find out how 18-year-old twins Sohna and Mohna from Amritsar in India cope being joined together. These twins have got over people staring at them and are training in electrical engineering observing that having four hands means they can work more quickly than others. They are healthy and happy –¬†although they rule out getting married at the moment.