Fiennes: Return to the Nile

Woodcut Media for National Geographic

Editor:  Charlie Hawryliw

The BAFTA nominated actor Joseph Fiennes has ticked off a childhood dream, by retracing his cousin Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ second expedition 50 years ago. Charlie Hawryliw edited one episode of this three part series which shows Ranulph, 74, tutoring his 48-year-old protégé on how to deal with scorpions and how to defuse an anti-tank mine with a Swiss Army knife! They cover a 2,500km journey in up to 51°C heat, spending a night in the Great Pyramid of Giza, crawl through a network of never-before-filmed underground tombs in Al Minya and fish in the crocodile-infested Lake Nasser. It starts 27th February 9pm National Geographic.

Sky- Channel 165

Virgin Media-channel 264

BT – channel 318

TalkTalk- Channel 318