FIFA Uncovered

Ventureland for Netflix

Editor: Graham Taylor

Streaming from 9th Nov

In less than a month’s time, Qatar will become the first ever middle eastern country to host the FIFA World Cup. Qatar’s successful bid to host the World Cup has proven to be one of the most controversial moments in the history of the sport. This feature documentary explores accusations of bribery, money laundering, racketeering and tax evasion from footballs governing body FIFA. Netflix promises to reveal never before heard interviews with senior officials, new details surrounding disgraced President Sepp Blatter, decades of dirty politics  and much, more.

The talented editor Graham Taylor who worked documentary said “ A great experience editing the finale of such a sprawling and complex subject. Director Daniel Gordon expertly managed 4 editors working in different corners of the country, allowing us all enough freedom to follow our instincts whilst keeping us heading in same direction. Using hundreds of interviews and limitless archive, we took on one of the most complex subjects of our time. Audacious and at the same time very hard to pin down; corruption in football is all about power and money, but also about evading accountability, and it’s the leadership culture of FIFA that we focused our story around. FIFA is a success story like no other, and football is the one thing can unite the world. Perhaps we’ll never know the true cost of the sordid actions of the kleptocracy that overseas it, but we do see a form of justice served to those responsible in this series. It was my task to tie up the many strands unravelled in 4 episodes and land us in the present day, on the eve of the Qatar World Cup, perhaps no greater symbol of the good, and bad, that FIFA brings to the world”.

FIFA Uncovered will be released on Netflix on the  9th November.