Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune

Premiere Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Raw TV for Discovery

Editors: Steven Struthers & Tom Savage

Friday, July 30: It's Won in Winter: 'Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune' Series  Premiere

Soaring gold prices pitting miners against miners over the frozen winter months!

This next chapter in Discovery’s winning franchise features fan favourites Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Dave Turin, Fred Lewis, and Dustin Hurt doing what they do best – digging for gold. In this off season spin-off, miners will face life-threatening conditions and below-freezing temperatures as they work to purchase the right land in the face of rising gold prices.

See lots of heavy machinery break into the frozen tundra while “King of the Klondike” Beets talks about how he needs to step up his prospecting game, while Turin tries to stay a step ahead of the competition after spending lots of time resurrecting old mines. Hurt, aka “Dare Devil Miner,” has his own cross to bear: he needs to make sure his camp wasn’t destroyed by recent landslides.

Steven Struthers (Episode 5) and Tom Savage (Episode 8), both Gold Rush afficionados for many years, return to edit this new series with excitement to find out how the miners will make it through the mining off season!

Watch the first episode at 9pm tonight on Discovery!