Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Great Christmas Roast


Thursday 21st Dec 9PM.

Editor: Abraham Teweldebrhan

As part of the editing team,  Abraham Teweldebrhan, worked his socks off to get this show ready in a very tight turnaround! The programme sees Gordon and Gino going head to head to lay on a spectacular festive banquet. The feast is for deserving members of the public and emergency services who have risked their lives in horrendous circumstances this year such as terror attacks and the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. The banquet is being held at Merchant Taylor’s Hall, near to Borough Market and Westminster Bridge – both locations for terror attacks in 2017.

First Dates Maître d’ Fred Sirieix and Comedian Stephen Merchant will also be on hand to get the results from the diners on the night and see whether Gordon or Gino’s menu and dishes have triumphed.

Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Great Christmas Roast airs Thursday 21st December at 9pm on ITV.