Grand Designs: The Streets Series 3

Naked Entertainment for Channel 4

Editor: Steve FlattEpisodes 1,2,3 and 4

Series Producer: Ned Williams

Exec Producer: John Comerford

Photo: Channel 4

Kevin McCloud is back for Series 3 of Grand Designs: The Streets. He follows more innovative community projects across the UK and revisits the self-builds in Graven Hill and Glasgow with co-presenter Natasha Huq.

In this series, two families from Yorkshire attempt to build a new street. Nicola is designing and project-managing a traditional redbrick family home with a modern twist, unfortunately her triangular window, the centrepiece of her vision, does not fit upon arrival! Down the street Matt and Maryellen are building a Brazilian-inspired home. Steelworker Matt is keen to showcase his work but Maryellen fears it will make the building feel industrial.

Steve Flatt loved working on the show with Series Producer Ned Williams. It was a challenge cutting it in regards to the huge amount of footage they had to go through and jumping between various episodes whilst waiting for rushes. Steve cut episodes 1 to 4.

Grand Designs: The Streets Series 3 starts Tuesday 16th May 9pm on Channel 4