Series 2: Surviving a Dubai Drugs Bust

Blast Films for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer

Editor: Chris Scurfield

A docudrama detailing the real-life case of three friends in Dubai being arrested for drug possession and the issues they had to deal with.

In 2012, Karl Williams, Grant Cameron, and Suneet Jeerh found themselves in trouble for possessing a quantity of synthetic cannabis, commonly referred to as spice. They claimed they were given electric shocks and had guns held to their heads during a seven-month period when they were held without trial.

Following their sentencing to four years in prison in April 2013, a ray of hope emerged with a pardon granted under a Ramadan amnesty merely three months later. This compelling docu-drama combines gripping dramatic reconstructions of their ordeal with insightful interviews with Williams himself.

Chris Scurfield was the co- editor of all 5 episodes of this series, working on it for a total of 7 months. This was a dream job for Chris, he loved working on the series and especially enjoyed cutting the playful and visually ambitious drama sequences.

High: Surviving a Dubai Drugs Bust is available now on BBC iPlayer