Hold the Front Page: Series 2

Editors: Connor Snedecor and Joe Swanson

Series Producer: Mus Mustafa

CPL Productions for Sky Max

Hold the Front Page: CPL Productions

Nish and Josh are back for another round of adventures across the UK. They once again hop from one local newspaper job to another, immersing themselves in different communities. They are on the hunt for real-life tales that’ll make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. They’re on a mission to find best local stories, ones so good they’ll land right on the front page. In this series they concentrate on delving into local mysteries, taking part in unusual events, covering the burning issues of the day and they enlist a celebrity or two to help them out along the way.

Connor said “It was a lot of fun, it was kind of a dream team of people I’ve worked with before so things clicked pretty well. They needed to as we only had a few weeks between two editors to do the final episode. It felt like long odds, but with the right elements in place, and we did it”.

Hold The Front Page will air on 24th April on Sky Max.