Inside the Battle of Mosul

 Jamal is a sergeant with a Special Forces unit in the Iraqi army. Along with squad leader Anmar, Hussein, Amjad, Abbas and a few others were some of the first to go into Mosul last year to try to retake the city from Isis. With them was French film-maker Olivier Sarbi.  This observational documentary captures all aspects of war, the confusion of what’s going on, the confusion of who is Isis and who is not and the horror for the terrified civilians after months of living in fear.

Frontline and The Guardian

Mongoose Pictures

Channel 4

Editor Ella Newton

The Guardian states “It is an extraordinary film – insanely brave, but also intimate and human. The sound of automatic gunfire rings on long after the final credits”

Here is what Ella has to say about editing the project “I was spoilt in this job with such rare to get and beautifully shot rushes, and also to get to hear all the experiences shooting it direct from Olivier ( Saebil) the crazy genius! But it was also intense in that even while we were editing people Olivier had been with on the Unit had been killed or badly injured.  The composers are actually from Massive Attack! And they were good to work with so that’s pretty cool”

Well done to Ella Newton who edited this poignant documentary!

You can watch the trailer HERE.