Inside the Force: Series 3

Offline Editors: Ben Burges, Fred Ziecker and Mitch Bannon

Online Editor: Jim Dale

Exec Producer: Tayte Simpson

Mentorn Media for Channel 5

Photo Credit: Inside the Force

Fly-on-the-wall series that follows the daily challenges of Lincolnshire’s busiest police station, West Parade. This series goes behind the station doors, from the custody suite and the overstretched response officers to the force control room and the investigation teams.

Offline editors Ben Burgess, Fred Ziecker and Mitch Bannon will soon be able to open their own 999 service with the amount of in depth knowledge they’ve accumulated over years of cutting blue light but no two programmes are the same and each project brings a new facet into view.

We chatted to Ben Burgess who edited two of the episodes. He said “It has been an enjoyable series to work on in many ways. It’s fun to create excitement and tension, showing police hunting and dealing with often dangerous criminals. But, with my eps covering subjects such as domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse, it can also be quite disturbing. My RX8 ep was particularly interesting because it’s about an attempted murder case – the stabbing of a 15 year-old girl by a stalker – which as you can imagine is especially disturbing, But, having the consent of the family in that case and being able to explore the investigation in some depth, it feels like it’s a positive thing to put the story on screen, potentially alerting people to the dangers of social media”.

All the while, online editor Jim Dale is also familiar with police programmes and knows better than most how to put the blue in blue light. Although it was his first time working on Inside the Force he soon captured the tone and signature look of the show.

Inside the Force starts tonight 9pm on Channel 5