Into the Congo with Ben Fogle 

Editor: Dan Knight

Exec Producer: Tayte Simpson

Mentorn for Channel 5

Sunday 18th February 9pm

Dan was incredibly excited to be part of this 3-part thrilling documentary adventure series presented by Ben Fogle. Dan is usually more known for cutting comedy so was looking forward to getting his teeth into a different genre.  This series see’s the renowned British adventurer embark on his most extreme and immersive expedition to date exploring the length and breadth of the Republic of the Congo. His aim to better understand the wildlife, people, and land that are still steeped in great myth and misconception. He fully immerses himself with native tribes and discovers how ancient ways of life are still thriving. He encounters incredible animals, as well as taking on a challenging journey through the jungle terrain.

Dan Knight edited Episode 2 ‘Gorilla’s. When we chatted to him about it Dan said “it’s a really lovely show, really beautifully shot and an absolute eye opener. I’m really proud of my work on this one”.

Into the Congo with Ben Fogle starts Sunday 18th February 9pm on Channel 5