Into the Storm [En la Tormenta]

Editor: Paul Holland

Director: Adam Brown

Executive Producer: Dimitri Doganis

A huge congratulations to Adam Brown, the team at RAW Films and our very own, brilliant Paul Holland for winning the Grand Chameleon Award, Best Documentary Feature and Audience Award at Brooklyn Film Festival for Into the Storm.

This feature length documentary delves into the life of raw surf talent Jhonny Guerrero, a troubled teenager from a crime-ridden barrio of Lima, Peru, who struggles against the odds to realise his dream of becoming a professional surfer and lift his family out of poverty. Taken under the wing of a former world champion, he flourishes. But barrio life proves hard to escape and he is caught up in a drive-by shooting. His surfing suffers until his father is released from prison. With his father’s love and support, his results suddenly match his potential and his life is transformed.

Paul shared that ‘the most challenging aspect of this project wasn’t finding the story within the 400 hrs of Spanish spoken rushes, accumulated over 5 years by director Adam Brown, but matching the enthusiasm and passion he had for this amazing story. I feel grateful to have played a small part in telling it.’

Watch the trailer here.