Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop

Ricochet for BBC Two

Wednesday 18th August at 9pm

Editors: Belle Borgeaud and Hugo Fowler

Jay Blades is hoping to charm viewers with a new series about making  masterpieces for local heroes - 247 News Around The World

Jay Blades opens the doors to his brand-new workshop in Bradford in this new series for BBC Two.

In each episode, three of Britain’s finest furniture makers and experts craftspeople – Ciaran, Isabelle and Saf – will be given the task to team up with six woodworkers from the surrounding area to handmake a bespoke piece of furniture for local community heroes nominated by members of the public from across Yorkshire.

Whilst Jay will be collecting information about each local hero to find out what’s special about them and why their local community wants to thank them in this unique way for going above and beyond, the workshop team will be learning from the experts they’re working alongside. Each has a personal reason to be there, and the series explores their lives whilst following how they go about making these items and learning on the job.

Belle Borgeaud cut one episode and commented: ‘It was a great team to work with and a really nice show to make. Feel good telly – and all for the most deserving people – exactly what we all need at the moment!’
Hugo Fowler, an adept of the Repair Shop, confided that ‘After working on 2 episodes, I’m pretty sure I could throw together a walnut and mahogany table, in my mind at least.’

Enter the workshop and watch the craft at 9pm on Wednesday 18th August on BBC Two.