Mindhouse Productions in association with Sky Studios

Editors: Charlie Hawryliw (Ep 1) and Paul Holland (Ep 4)

Archive Replacement: Bahader Mattu

Director: John Dower

This four part series tells the true story of Britain’s deadliest terrorist atrocity and the most fatal terrorist attack on America before 9/11: the bombing of Pan Am flight 103, when 270 people lost their lives on the night of 21st December 1988. 
The series includes archive and incorporates interviews with individuals closely linked to the disaster and the long investigation that followed it, including interviews with victims’ families, investigators, intelligence officers and other key figures who have not spoken until now.  It explores unanswered questions to this complex story and investigates who is ultimately responsible.
The series is executive produced by Arron Fellows and Nancy Strang for Mindhouse Productions and directed by award winning John Dower (My Scientology Movie, Thriller in Manila).
The series starts on Sky Documentaries on Sunday 26th November at 9pm