Miriam Death of a Reality Star

Editor: Charlie Hawryliw

Exec Producer: Colin Barr.

Expectation for Channel 4

Monday 29th April on Channel 4

Miriam: Death of a Reality Star is a hard-hitting documentary about Miriam Rivera, recognised as the world’s first transgender reality TV star. The documentary series chronicles the Mexican model’s groundbreaking life and extraordinary legacy.

Using Miriam’s own voice and words throughout, the series will restore Miriam as the star of her own story: a trans trailblazer who remains an icon for many in the transgender community Drawing on rich archive and with exclusive access to Miriam’s family and close friends from the trans community, each episode will take the audience into the colourful worlds she inhabited.

Miriam starred in There’s Something About Miriam,  one of the most controversial reality shows of the early noughties.  Set in a luxury Ibiza Villa, six men went head-to-head to win the heart of Miriam, the stunning supermodel from Mexico. It was only at the end of the final episode that Miriam revealed to the boys: “I was born as a man”. What followed was years of negative media attention and transphobic abuse, the outrage was targeted at a 21-year-old Miriam, rather than the TV executives who’d put her in that position. Fifteen years later Miriam was tragically found dead in her mother’s apartment in an apparent, (though disputed), suicide.

Charlie Hawryliw edited all three episodes of the series which airs tonight 9pm on Channel 4.