My Big Gay Wedding

Minnow Films for BBC One and BBC iPlayer

Executive Producers: Alicia Kerr and Sophie Leonard

Editor: Connor Snedecor

Wednesday 27th March 9pm BBC One

Photo: My Big Gay Wedding with Tom Allen. Minnow Films, BBC One

2023 marked the 10th anniversary of same sex marriage being legalised in England and Wales. To commemorate this significant milestone, comedian Tom Allen goes all out to plan the wedding of a lifetime for one fortunate gay couple. Tom will also uncover the struggle for marriage equality, engaging with the inspiring LGBTQ+ pioneers who played a pivotal role in making this day a reality. He shares his personal journey as a gay individual and explores the considerable progress that has been achieved in the realm of gay rights.

Adam and Dan have a wedding booked in just three months, and Tom is determined to sprinkle some magic to make it an unforgettable affair. My Big Gay Wedding will culminate in the blissful wedding of the couple, serving as a celebration of love, community, and the hard-fought battle for equality.

Connor who edited this one off documentary special said “I loved working on this film. Working with the director Mike Nicholls was so easy, Tom Allen was perceptive and hilarious as always, and I think and hope we’ve done justice to a decades-long activist struggle while keeping it fun”.

My Big Gay Wedding will air on Wednesday 27th March BBC One 9pm