New Order: Decades

Sky Arts

Editors: Dan Setford with support from Richard Lester and Gwyn Moxham

Director: Mike Christie

22nd Sept 9pm

New Order: Decades follows the band as they prepare for their 2017 So It Goes… concerts at the Manchester International Festival. With full access to New Order and their collaborators, this film is an unprecedented and intimate celebration of their story and their music. Through personal interviews with the band members and close collaborators including Gillick and art director Peter Saville, ‘New Order: Decades’ offers a rare chance to enter the band’s private world, understand the visual philosophy of their aesthetic and design, and witness their collaborative, creative processes first hand.

Dan Setford edited the documentary supported by Richard Lester and Gwyn Moxham who worked their magic on the concert footage.

Here’s what the guys had to say about their time on the edit:

Rich Lester  “It was a real pleasure to work with Mike Christie and Dan Setford. The amazing lighting design by Liam Gillick was an inspiration for cutting the performance sequences and being able to dance along to the iconic songs whilst editing was great fun!”

Gwyn Moxham agreed stating “It was great to work on – super high energy concert, great music, interesting cutting the young synthesiser orchestra that they had with the band etc. Also was great working with Dan again and also with the director”

Dan, who was lead editor, loved the whole experience, both from a career and personal point of view “What made this such a special project for me personally is that I am a massive New Order fan. Without a doubt it’s rare opportunity to work on a project where you completely love the subject matter!  Luckily Mike is a very technical director and has a clear understanding of workflow, so I thought he must have a cunning plan! Well he did. It was to drag me along to the shoot in Vienna and out of the comfort of the edit suite. This was a great move from Mike. It allowed the edit to be thought about from the get go. Something which isn’t always done when it comes to shooting a documentary.  ‘Decades’ was a joy and privilege to edit. It could have easily made me want to cower whenever I heard a New Order track after finishing the film. Well it didn’t! Actually it had the opposite effect! I now again enjoy being told to turn it down by my very patient wife and two boys. Where now I have the hope that I may one day add a few more New Order fans to our house”

Check out the documentary 22nd Sept 9pm Sky Arts.