Question Team

Interstellar for Dave/UKTV

Editor: Gavin Ames

Starting Tuesday 12 October at 10pm

Question Team - Dave Panel Show - British Comedy Guide

Ready your buzzer and leave your expectations at the door! Comedian Richard Ayoade hosts his first comedy panel show for UKTV but breaks the rules of the traditional quiz show by outsourcing the responsibility of coming up with questions to his guests. Each comedian is asked to bring a unique round of questions inspired by their own interests. Anything goes, the only rule is that each question should have a proper answer.

Gavin Ames edited 4 of the 8 episodes including episode 1 showcasing Bob Mortimer’s DIY, Thanyia Moore’s parachuting prowess and Kerry Godliman’s camping skills. Airing tonight at 10pm on Dave Channel. Don’t miss it!