Rich and Shameless: Ep 3 Where did NBA Star Brian Williams Go?

Editor: Phil Bowman

Raw for HBO Max and TNT

18th May

Where Did NBA Star Brian Williams Go? Tells the story of NBA star Bison Dele, formerly Brian Williams, who had it all–but threw in the towel for a nomadic life under the stars before mysteriously vanishing on a boat in the South Pacific. When police peel back the layers of Williams’ life, they discover a fatal mix of money and jealousy that leads right back to his own family.

Phil Bowman who edited Ep 3 said: “I had a great time working with my old pal Sebastian Smith on this one. We decided to scrap the recon budget in favour of animation and it has bought a really interesting and dynamic flavour to the show. Well done to Tom Lindley and the team at RAW for a great series. Thanks for having me”

Ep 3 Where did NBA Star Brian Williams Go? Will premiere 18th May TNT