Rich Kids Go Skint

Kalel Productions

5 Star  9PM

Editors Gruff Lovrgreen and Gwyn Moxham

In this series, 6 rich kids ditch their fast cars, five-star hotels and endless shopping trips to go skint with families living on the breadline. During their stay, they’ll experience the shock of living below the poverty line, by helping to shop, feed, and babysit for families who can barely make ends meet. Sparks will fly and tears will fall as they face the most challenging time of their entire lives. Gwyn Moxham and Gruff Lovgreen both enjoyed working on this series. Gruff  said “It was a fun series to work on – it’s always interesting to see how people from completely different backgrounds get along and finding the balance between both sides was tricky at times, especially when you could see both sides of the arguments”. He edited Ep one which is on air Wednesday 18th April on 5 Star.