Satusfaction Proudly Announces Sponsorship of the 2024 Grierson Awards

Exciting news! The 2024 Grierson Awards are now open for entries and hold onto your popcorn, Satusfaction, are absolutely thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with the legendary 2024 Grierson Awards as a proud sponsor!

For all you documentary buffs out there, you know the Grierson Awards are THE place to be, celebrating the best and brightest in the world of documentary filmmaking. We’re very happy to be cheering on the incredible talent and jaw-dropping stories that make documentaries so captivating.

The Satusfaction team couldn’t be more thrilled to be back supporting the Grierson Awards in 2024.  Satusfaction MD Satu says, “Documentary films have a magical power to tell stories, challenge preconceived notions, and create meaningful conversations.  We are always happy to see so many films either nominated or winning that our editors have been part of.”

For more information about the awards and how to apply Head over to The Grierson website