Save Our Squad

Editor: Abraham Teweldebrhan

Twenty Twenty and Studio 99 for Disney+

Exec Producers: Jon Crisp, Ruth Kelly and Sean Doyle

Wednesday 9th November

With the World Cup fast approaching, we have seen a few football series being made and this one is set to be a real heart warming one!

Save Our Squad sees David Beckham return to his East London roots to mentor Westward Boys, a young, grassroots team who are at the bottom of their league, facing relegation. However, this isn’t just any league… this is the same league that David played in as a young boy. Working with the head coaches, he’ll try to turn the team’s fortunes around. From heroics to heartbreak, failure to redemption, the experiences that Westward Boys, their coaches and their families will go through over the course of the season, are ones they’ll never forget. Abraham edited episode 3.  Perhaps Ab’s can ask David Beckham to help mentor him with his fantasy team and move him up the Satusfaction league….?

The series Premieres on Disney+  Weds 9th November