Secrets of the Elephants

Released on 21st April on World Earth Day

Exec Producer: Caroline Hawkins

Editor: Dom Lester

Oxford Scientific Films for National Geographic / Disney +

Secrets of The Elephants. Oxford Scientific / National Geographic

National Geographic has a brand new four part documentary series coming to our screens on Earth Day ‘Secrets of the Elephants’.

From Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron, the series travels the world from the Savannahs of Africa to the urban landscapes of Asia to discover the strategic thinking, complex emotions and sophisticated language of elephants. It’s narrated by Natalie Portman and features renowned National Geographic Explorer and elephant expert Dr Paula Kahumbu.

The four episodes each follow elephants in different terrains and challenges.  Dom Lester edited Episode two which focuses on Elephants in the Savannah. He informed us that Savannah elephants live in huge herds due to the abundant food and space, this means they are possibly the most socially developed, loving and caring elephants. They also pass down knowledge from one generation to the next through language and lessons.  He said This is illustrated in some of the grandest of events I’ve had the pleasure of cutting. They are empathetic towards each other and have intelligent rituals passed down from generations that elephants from other parts of the world don’t”.

Summing up the edit experience on this one, Dom said that “It’s amazing the detail this show goes into and how much fun it’s been, we had so many great stories and footage that ended up on the cutting room floor as we worked to find the best episodes.  All turned round in an incredibly short amount of time from commission to delivery”.

It sounds like an incredible series and with Nat Geo stating that Secrets of the Elephants will change everything you thought you knew about elephants forever, we can’t wait to watch!

Secrets of the Elephants will be aired on Earth Day on 21st April on National Geographic / Disney +