Sexy Beast

Jam VFX for Paramount+

Writer, director, and executive producer: Michael Caleo

VFX: Lem Lawrence

It’s one of the great British gangster movies and now, Paramount+ brings you the origin story of its memorable characters. 

The original film was based on Gangster Gal’s attempts to live out a peaceful retirement in Spain, only to be coaxed back for the classic “one last job” by Don. This brand new series transports viewers to London during the 1990s. Gal (James McArdle, Mary Queen Of Scots) and Don (Emun Elliott, Guilt) are a couple of small fish starting out in a very big and murky pond. But when they catch the attention of rising crime kingpin Teddy Bass (Stephen Moyer, True Blood), the pair are enrolled into a high-stakes job that could change their lives.

Lem Lawrence used Flame to create VFX across the series. He explained “I was part of the team at Jam VFX working on the VFX shots throughout the series. My work including safe cracking, extensive set cleanup, explosions, changing environments to reflect the 80s period the drama is set in. It might even be worth signing up to Paramount for!”  

We think so too Lem!  Writer, director and executive producer: Michael Caleo know’s his gangsters he previously worked as a writer on The Sopranos and also wrote the 2013 Mafia movie The Family, starring Robert De Niro.

The first episode of the eight-part original series Sexy Beast, is available tonight,  Thursday 25th  January exclusively on Paramount+