Sheffield Documentary Festival 2018

Satu and Katie had a wonderful time as usual at the Sheffield Documentary Festival. Lots of interesting, powerful and hard-hitting films were screened as well as informative talks and an amazing array of Alternative Realities to experience.  Here are out top pics of films to look out for:

Three Identical Strangers:

We are slightly biased as Michael Harte edited this amazing documentary. However we weren’t the only ones who were excited to see it. Crowds of people turned up for the screening and had to be turned away so the festival had to put on another screening so people didnt miss out!

In 1980, three identical triplets, complete strangers raised in entirely different New York households, managed to discover each other, decades after they had been separated at birth. But behind the splashy headlines lurked a disturbing secret which called into question the very notion of who we are.

No Greater Law:

Katie watched this film about the Idaho Followers of Christ who don’t believe in any kind of medical intervention. The state currently permits them to practice faith healing instead. The local sheriff has witnessed too many children die, and he and ex-followers determined to change the law. It’s a slow paced film, and incredibly emotive- but a must see! Watch the Trailer: here 

Gun No 6

The screening for this was at 9am! Poor Katie had to get up early after partying into the early hours to see this one, and it was a brutal watch!  She doesn’t regret getting up though, and thoroughly recommends this film.

Changing hands over a decade, used in eleven shootings and three murders, this is the story of Britain’s deadliest illegal gun: Gun No. 6. The film explores why men pick up guns and the shockwaves that follow each shooting, for victims, police, communities and perpetrators.

For the Birds

A woman’s love for her pet ducks, chickens, geese, and turkeys—all 200 of them—ignites a battle with local animal rescuers and puts her marriage in jeopardy.

The story doesn’t sound that gripping, but Satu loved this documentary. The main character was utterly fascinating and it was beautifully crafted together.