Sprint: World’s Fastest Humans

Exec Producers: Paul Martin, James Gay-Rees and Warren Smith

Box to Box Films for Netflix

2nd July 2024

Editor: Jake Lofdahl

Sprint: Worlds Fastest Humans. Box to Box Films for Netflix. Official Trailer

This brand new documentary series made by Box to Box Films for Netflix offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the mental toughness of sprinters who dedicate their lives to breaking records.

With Usain Bolt retired, who will become the new face of speed? From Sha’Carri Richardson to Noah Lyles, this series presents the full story of humanity’s quest to be the fastest on the planet. Witness the intense drama, motivation, and personalities behind the relentless pursuit of victory. The series delves deep into the psyches of elite competitors striving to be the fastest and what is required as these sprinters devote their entire lives to crossing the finish line in record time, where their professional futures are decided in mere fractions of a second.

Jake Lofdahl was one of the editors on the series and helped with Ep 1. We chatted to him about his experience working on this episode and he had some interesting insights;

Working on Ep101 on any series is always about making an impact. The pressure is on to prove to everyone involved that they’ve got something great which is worth all the time and money they’ve invested up to this point. From a storytelling point of view the beauty of working on this series is there’s very little explanation of the sport required, which meant we could focus on nailing an intro that grabs the viewer and then letting the characters develop. I personally found the main protagonists in this series to be deeply interesting, they’re often singularly confident, extraordinarily competitive and focused to the extreme. Added to that they’re in a sport where they get very few chances to perform on the stage they dream of, and the races are over in seconds. With the Olympics on the horizon it all meant the stakes were high and there was tons of drama on and off the running track. Box to Box did a great job of securing access and gaining the confidence of the athletes allowing them to be natural – and it also has to be said that physically they are all in phenomenal shape, which easily elevated the standard ‘training’ shots! I’m personally eagerly awaiting the chance to see the other eps and bring on season 2!!

Sprint: World’s Fastest Humans drops on Netflix on 2nd July