The 2018 Grierson Awards

The Final nominations have been announced and we are proud to see that ‘The Fight for Mosul’ edited by Ella Newton and ‘Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds’ edited by Belle Borgeaud have made it to the shortlist. The Griersons are the biggest event in the UK documentary calendar. The award ceremony takes place on Monday 5th Nov and the Satusfaction team will be there to celebrate!

The Fight for Mosul: Mongoose Pictures for Channel

Edited by Ella Newton, The Fight for Mosul follows Jamal, a sergeant with a Special Forces unit in the Iraqi army. Along with squad leader Anmar, Hussein, Amjad, Abbas and a few others were some of the first to go into Mosul last year to try to retake the city from Isis. With them was French film-maker Olivier Sarbi.  This observational documentary captures all aspects of war, the confusion of what’s going on, the confusion of who is Isis and who is not and the horror for. It has been nominated in the ‘Best Current Affairs Documentary’ category.

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds: CPL Productions for Channel 4

Pre-schoolers share their classroom with pensioners for six weeks. The series looked at this intergenerational experiment and how it affected the health and happiness of the older group.  Belle Borgeaud worked on the series which has been nominated in the ‘Best Constructed Documentary Series’.

Congratulations ladies! The full list of nominations can be seen here.