The Anthrax Attacks

Directed by Dan Krauss

Edited by Duncan Hill

BBC Studios for Netflix

Available on Netflix from 8th Sept 22

This new 90 minute drama documentary comes from Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss (Extremis) and is produced by Sweta Vohra and edited by Duncan Hill. It sound’s like a brilliant project to work on with a great team as Duncan explains: “ Our story is a hard-boiled forensic science investigation, a heart-breaking story of institutional racism in America, a domestic terrorism saga, and an interior view of one man’s psychological and emotional collapse. It was not only a really big challenge making all these strands seamlessly bind together but also very demanding grappling with both classical archival sequences as well as high end dramatised scenes. But I have to say, the whole process was a complete pleasure, made all the better by working with a hugely collaborative director, an open minded exec and a very supportive broadcaster. It’s exactly the way films should be made but all too often aren’t”.

The Anthrax Attacks tells the story of how prominent figures in the media and US government began receiving letters contaminated with deadly anthrax spores. In the following panicked weeks, the FBI launched the biggest investigation in its entire history. With never before seen archive and high-end drama scenes, this documentary tells a tale of madness, obsession and mayhem. Spanning more than 7 years, it took over 600,000 investigator-hours across 6 continents and ruled out 1000 possible suspects before finally narrowing it down to one single man.

The Anthrax Attacks premieres September 8, 2022 on Netflix.