The Playboy Bunny Murder

Future US for ITVX

Director: Sam Miller

Rob Trela Ep2
Teddy Bekele: Additional Editing

13th and 14th November

A brand new ITVX premium true crime series will see Marcel Theroux investigate a set of disturbing, unsolved murders and reveal a dark and violent hidden side to the wealth and glamour of exclusive corners of London’s nightlife in the 1970s.

In this two-part documentary series, Theroux examines the brutal murders that shocked London 50 years ago, when Eve Stratford, a Playboy Bunny who aspired to be a famous model, Lynda Farrow, a croupier with years of experience working in night time London, and Lynne Weedon, a schoolgirl were all murdered. The documentary includes interviews with friends, colleagues and relatives of the victims and will provide intimate insight.  Theroux attempts to track down police files, examines new breakthroughs and travels across the world in search of answers.

Rob Trela edited Episode 2. He said “Working with Marcel Theroux, the director Sam Miller,  SP Melissa Mayne and editor Simon Clement to tell this story over two films was exceptional. Overall, this project had the best crew I’ve ever worked with as they were all very committed and talented in their craft”.

Teddy did some additional editing and he also enjoyed working with the director Sam. He said “Sam Miller the series director was very professional and easy to work with”.

Presenter Marcel Theroux said: “This is a story that has obsessed me for years.  How could a serial killer kill multiple victims in 1970s London and remain unknown?  What evidence was missed?  What clues were the police of the time unable to make use of?  As witnesses reach the ends of lives and memories fail, this might be the last chance to get justice for the three victims.”

The Playboy Bunny Murder is on ITV1 & ITVX at 9pm on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th November