The Royal Mob

Editors: Rich Lester and Richard ( Huggy) Lace

Exec Producer: Ben Goold

Nutopia for Sky History and / A&E Networks

The Royal Mob explores how the royal family once ruled the whole of Europe, and how their loves, marriages and feuds dragged the continent into the world’s first total war and violent revolution. The series will lift the lid on the family tensions which set cousin against cousin and sister against sister, and saw millions plunged into World War One. The series combines premium scripted drama with testimony from expert historians.

Skins co-creator Jamie Brittain and Ten Percent’s Abigail Wilson managed the show’s scripted elements. Their work is combined with the historical expertise of academic and broadcaster Dabiri (Hair Power: Me and My Afro), Young Stalin author Sebag Montefiore and academics Priya Atwal (Royals and Rebels) and Miranda Carter (Three Emperors).

Huggy worked across all four episodes and really enjoyed working on the series, particularly with the well shot drama elements.  He found it an interesting series about the lead up to the Great War.  

Rich Lester worked on episodes 1 and 4. He said “The mix of Interview, drama and archive was a fun challenge to balance, it was great fun to craft the drama aspects too”

This brand new doco- drama series will premiere on Monday 7th November 2022 at 9pm on Sky History and A&E Networks