Thomas Markle: My Story

Channel 5

22nd Jan 9pm

Editor Jayesh Lathia

Alaska TV

This film looks at the once loving relationship between Thomas and Meghan as she was growing up. Filmed at his home in Mexico in October 2019, this documentary follows Thomas Markle as he reveals the story behind his dramatic fall out with daughter, Meghan. In the wake of the recent announcement that Duke and Duchess of Sussex have chosen to step back as senior members of the Royal family, cameras return to ask Thomas his thoughts on their decision.

Jayesh who edited the film said ”It has been a very exciting project to work on, especially given the very topical and fast moving nature of events over the past couple of weeks. At it’s heart, the film deals with a human story of a father and daughter whose once loving relationship has resulted in a complicated fallout. The fact that the father and daughter happen to be Thomas and Meghan Markle makes this story even more extraordinary”.

Tonight 9pm Channel 5